Lands of Warlderia

The Anwynite Sect of Ehlonna and The Sisterhood of Anwyn

Ehlonna (Anwynite Sect)

Power: Intermediate deity

Title: Ehlonna of the Forests

Symbol: Silver rampant unicorn or a unicorn's horn

Portfolio: Forests, Woodlands, Flora, Fauna, Fertility

Alignment: Neutral Good 

Worshipers alignment: Good (Non-evil)

Domains: Animal, Celerity, Good, Plant, Purification, Sun

Favoured Weapons: Longbow 


The Sisterhood of Anwyn is a matriarchal sect of worshippers of the Goddess Ehlonna/Ehlenestra in a specifically half-Elven aspect. They are based in the Golden Woods of Anwyn, a heavily half-elven inhabited forest that once touched the Fey Lands but is now part of Warlderia. The Forest is also home to many Sylvan and some fey creatures.

Traditionally the worshippers of the Goddess have always been humans, elves, gnomes, half-elves, halflings, rangers, druids, hunters, farmers, woodcutters. The two aspects of the deity have been either Ehlonna, a raven-haired human or Ehlenestra, an elf with golden tresses with half-elves choosing which aspect they wish to follow.

The Sisterhood of Anwyn has successfully invoked a specifically half-Elven aspect of their goddess which they felt was lacking prior to this. The popularity of the Goddess in the Anwyn Woods has helped the sect flourish and grow offering a focused path of worship to many of the inhabitants of who most have some elven or even fey blood. That said the Sisterhood welcomes all both males and females who would worship the goddess whether elven, human, gnomish or even something more exotic.  

In this aspect the Goddess appears as a beautiful dark haired half-Elven woman with deep blue eyes clad in green robes that carries her traditional longbow and a spear. This visual interpretation is closer to the human Ehlonna than the Elven Ehlenestra however services of worship are commonly carried out in Elven and the goddess is revered for her affinity with both horses and unicorns. As with both human and elven faiths the holy symbol is a silver representation of rampant unicorn or a unicorn's horn. As usual Clerics of Ehlonna wear pale green robes as do the other members of the Sisterhood.

There are two main branches with the sect. The first is the much marital branch that personifies the warrior maiden aspect of Ehlonna. Members tend to be rangers or fighters, all are virgins and some Unicorn riders. The second is the motherly branch which personifies Ehlonna as a mother and as a fertility deity. Members of this branch are more concerned with life and fertility looking to the family and procreation. The two branches are heavily mixed with martial members often moving to the motherly branch when their desire for adventure has been fulfilled or faded. 


Ehlonna is the patron of all good-aligned folk who love the forests. She is worshipped by hunters, trappers, foresters, rangers, woodcutters, and more. Brownies, elves, gnomes and halflings are especially attuned to Ehlonna of the Forests, and will willingly aid her. In this aspect she is especially revered by half-elves.

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