Lands of Warlderia

The Battle of Galgortha


With the imminent arrival of the Divine Adjudicator from the Emperor’s Court and the violent collapse of peace talks, Lady Katalin has ordered an immediate advance on the ruined city of Galgortha.

The forces of the Duchy of Everwatch, Barony of Maelfasan (shield right) and allies engage the humanoids at the area known as the Orc’s Cleft (previously known as the Whore’s Gash). The area has several long and deep intermittent chasms stretching 100 miles from Fal’Nfort in the north to Wyntern on the coast in the south. 

The humanoids have a primitive stockade with catapults and basic disrupting defences. This is the last line of humanoid resistance before the ruined provincial capital city of Galgortha. The humanoids army contain the elite guards of the High Chieftain of the Bloody City (Galgortha).

It is believed that the Divine Adjudicator will enforce an immediate ceasefire on the Allied Humans on arrival.  The Allied Humans must defeat the humanoids and drive them from the table to win before this.

It is believed that the High Chieftain will lose all control over the other humanoid tribes if defeated. A humanoid victory or even stalemate will keep the High Chieftain in power. To achieve this, the Allied Humans must be defeated or at very least held. The emphasis is on the Allied Humans to swiftly attack and break the Humanoids. A failure to do so will result in a Humanoid victory.

The Battle

The humanoids deployed their forces across the road that ran through the Orc’s Cleft with an earthwork fort on the eastern flank. The land to either side of the battle field was limited by the fissures that the area was famous for so. The Humans had to advance in this limited area.

The Maelfsan troops where on the eastern flank supported by ducal cavalry. The Duchess had her forces in the centre and on the west flank. To the tunes of the Maelfasan drum and fife bands the Humans advanced down the centre of the field. From within the earthworks catapults launched a surprise attack but fell short. They would however carry on firing throughout the battle and would not always miss.

The Humanoids tried to outflank the humans on the eastern flank with a swarm of orc wolf and boar riders but were blocked by the marsh majics of the famous wizard Arralun the Great. With the assistance his arcane talents the orcs riders were blocked and beaten on that flank. The Maelfasan Shield Breaker Horse performed splendidly and was praised by all the Humans after the battle while their leader, Captain Boys Daly, was congratulated by the Duchess.

To the west the Masonic Volunteers of Veston Vale fired upon enemy gnolls and so enraged them that the hyena-men advanced on the whole human army. The Everwatch 1st Ducal Spear charged them at the same time as the Everwatch Noble Horse which was led by Sir Wulfram. Mere foolhardy bravery was not enough and the gnolls were routed.

In the centre the Humanoids cunningly used magical marshes to slow down the advance of the human halberdiers and pike. While on the western flank the Crimson Auxiliary of Lord Renfrew’s mercenaries were set upon by a gang of mad, rabid goblins that were from the Screaming Forest.

At this point with much sounding of trumpets and shining of armour the super heavy cavalry of the Knights Heroic of Heironeous charged enemy units of ogres and bugbears. They thundered across the filed with much élan but were stopped and held by the firece enemy.  

In the centre the young Maelfasan lads of the Probationer Boys suffered heavy bow fire from the Orcs but would not fall back. Duchess Katalin herself led a charge of the 1st Ducal Halberds and fierce Blood Guard that broke the ogres and bugbears that were fighting with the Knights Heroic.

Despite their best efforts close to half the Humanoid troops were routing and the remainder retreating from the field. After the Battle some 600 Humanoid bodies were collected and burnt within the later captured earthworks.

It was a hard fought battle but Duchess Katalin’s forces were victorious.

After the Battle of Galgortha

Duchess Katalin gave orders for the bulk of the Army to advance while leaving a smaller force to invest the orc stockade with her and the Knights Heroic. She then addressed the orcs within the earthworks personally using all her oratory skill backed by a line of shining holy knights. The Orcs were allowed to flee to the east if they swore to take no more part in the war and, most importantly to surrender their human slaves unharmed. This offer they wisely accepted and they bolted over their stockade and away. The human slave artillerists and their catapults were captured intact within. The earthwork fort was then used as a bonfire for the hundreds of humanoid dead

Though some units were battered the Maelfasan troops were particularly keen to pursue and push on. Sir Wulfram led the Noble Horse and other human units onwards. They marched on Galgortha allowing the defeated humanoids to flee, many to the east.  The Allied Human troops entered the tribal camps around the city putting all orcs and their ilk to the sword regardless of age or gender. Any human slaves left alive were freed while the sprawling encampments were then looted and burnt.  The plumes of smoke could be seen by the Duchess miles away to the north.

The liberating humans then encountered large numbers of freed human slaves sent forth from the city. They had to be cared for and taken to safety for small bands of vicious, vengeful humanoids still roamed the lands. When the humans reached the walls of Galgortha they found them barred and manned by, what appeared to be, human and half-orc mercenaries.

The armed defenders had a banner of a morning star on a golden and silver field and seemed ready to fight for the city. The Allied Humans were tired and disorganised after a battle and pursuit. After finishing the eradication of the orc encampments they withdrew north have slain several thousand orcs of all ages and type.

The next day the Army reformed just south of the battle field having received orders direct from the Imperial Adjudicator to cease hostilities and on no account attack Galgortha. Though frustrated the Duchess obeyed the orders and toured the army congratulating the troops.

Duchess Katalin, a well read scholar of history and tradition, resurrected the old Kaegorian practice of awarding an agnomen or victory title. Though not followed for over 150 years she bestowed the tile of ‘Orcbanius’ on Sir Wulfram Amali.

For his fine magical endeavours and on the advice of Sir Wulfram and Kain Hortigrue of Heironeous, Arralun the Great was made an honorary Lord. From hence forth he will be known as the Honourable Lord of the Bog with all the rank and privileges this bestows.  

A thousand human salves were saved from Galgortha though these poor broken creatures spoke little but Orcish and were very fearful.  The Duchess sent them to Lord Douglas of Stonehaven who already has such poor souls at his manse. She knew he was experienced in such matters and needed souls to re-establish Stonehaven as a vibrant settlement.

Lastly news arrived that Katalin Vadild had been officially acknowledged as the ruler of the Duchy of Everwatch. Duchess Katalin supersedes her father as he no longer lives and is therefore disqualified, the late Duke Rocco’s opinion is not yet known.

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