Lands of Warlderia


Official Name: The Principality of Belluzcha
Ruler: Prince Titus Targelon
Government:         Feudal
Capital: Belluzcha
Major Towns: None
Resources: Trade
Population: 95,000 (80% Human, 20% Mixed)
Languages:  Common, Elven, Dwarven
Common Alignments: Any
Major Religions: Boccob (N), Hextor (LE), Wee Jas (LN)
Allies: None

The Principality of Belluzcha was once a treaty city between the Elves and Dwarves, and the architecture is a mix of the two giving the city a rather disjointed feel. The city is surrounded 50ft high walls so thick that cavalry can ride along them and some say that waggons and coaches did when the Elves still lived there. Inside the city the Elven tower sore over Dwarven Halls with well appointed roads and well kept parks.

The city survived the Higher Wars because only a few years before the start both the Elves and Dwarves pulled out of the city leaving it to the humans. On its peninsular the main forces of the war passed it by and the imposing walls of the city gave the rest pause. During Kaegor's revolt the city sent men and supplies to the rebels secretly but did not openly side with the rebels. When victory eventually came they took advantage and became wealthy trading with the war torn areas around them, which made them wealthy if not particularly popular. When the Divine War started they joined the people of the Old Empire and one of the last battles was fought outside their walls, but with the collapse of Imperial authority in the Successor States it left them free to trade with both the Old Empire and Successor States again as a neutral port.

About 100 years ago the Old Emperor sent his younger brother to the city to rule as his governor, Pamarian was well liked by the people of the city and they soon forgave him that he was a mage and even converted one of the Elven towers into a Temple of Boccob to please him. However when Pamarian's brother died the relations between the city and the Old Empire became more strained resulting in a four month siege of the city. The Old Empire however could not breach the walls and their fleet at the time was underfunded and poorly led, so any attempt at starving the city out was bound to fail. The Old Empire eventually made peace with the now free city of Belluzcha, Pamarian styled himself as Prince of the city and a pattern was started. Over the last 100 years exiled nobles and rebels from the Old Empire have made their way to the city and have gained favour with the Princes and bringing with them the worship of Hextor and Wee Jas. The Old Empire would like to root out this den of rebels, but the factions never seem able to unite long enough to send a large enough force to have any real chance of success.

The Prince of Belluzcha is always careful never to offer any direct insult to the Empire but continues to gather rebels and exiles to himself. This has made the Princes Court a dangerous place, because they all vie for his favour but know that any attempt to take control of the city would cause the Old Empire to see them as a real threat. The people of the city pragmatic as ever ignore the court whenever possible and get on the their lives under the firm control of the Prince.

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