Lands of Warlderia

The Blood Isles 

Blood Isler

The Blood Isles are the most westerly part of the Lands of Warlderia and are arguably the most fiercely independently minded. The high concentration of red iron ore deposits gives the Isles their name, though more often it is attributed to the combative nature of the inhabitants.
Men have lived on the Isles for millennia and were once part of the ancient and lost empire that covered the Northern part of the continent of Kylma. Few, if any, remains of the lost empire remain on the Isles but it is obvious that the Blood Islers and the Hugond share a common ancestry. The Blood Isles were a thriving society, skilled in metal work and shipbuilding when the Higher Races came to Warlderia.

They were not pleased to meet the otherworldly arrivals who had come to ‘civilise’ them. They declined offers of guidance both politely and then less politely as time passed. A few attempts by both elf and dwarf to take the Isles ended in a bloody repulse and in time the Isles were left to their own devices.

When the Higher Wars and Kaegor’s Rebellion started the Blood Islers were more than happy to join the fight on the side of Man though their military activity took more to the form of pillaging and plundering. The Islers ravaged the coasts and were not always over careful in whom they attacked.  With Kaegor’s final victory they were adamant in their wish not to join his new empire.

Since then they have been an energetic and argumentative force in Warlderia who, at times, have raided both empires, settled the Crimson Coast and fought numerous internal feuds.   

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