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Formal Name: The Free City of Brennenstadt
Ruler:  Council of the Free
Government:  Oligarchy
Capital: Brennenstadt
Major Settlements: Viffleu’s End & Slauberg
Resources: Gold, Silver &Trade
Population: 100,000 ~ (50% Human, 30% Half-Orc, 20% Mixed)  
Languages: Common, Orcish & Draconic
Common Alignment: Any
Major Religions: Boccob (TN), Fharlanghn ( TN), Kord (CG), Tharizdun (NE)
Allies:  None
Enemies: None


The first thing that anyone notices about Brennenstadt is the three burning towers at the centre of the city, there are in fact four towers, these large round towers squat on the sides of the central square of the city dominating the centre of the city. Around these towers the city bustles with everyday life from the port to the east to the citadel in the west. Trade is the life blood of any city but in Brennenstadt it keeps the city alive, sitting between the wild barbarians to the north and the vicious orcs to the south, both needing a neutral place to buy and sell goods. This precarious balance between the two has made the city rich but its rule reaches only a few miles from the gates and travellers going to or from the city have to beware of renegades and raiding parties from both neighbours.

On the eastern side of the city either side of the port are chaotic areas inhabited by orcs and barbarians separated from each other and the city proper. These alienage’s are where the newer arrivals to the city usually live, or those who feel the laws of the city are too restrictive. The port itself is small but busy with ships from the Successor States, the Old Empire and the Summer Isle berthed alongside each other. The sailors from these ships rub shoulders with each other and the citizens of the city making a cosmopolitan atmosphere, if one with an undercurrent of violence. 

The main city wall is 20ft high and almost 10ft thick topped with towers at regular intervals and broken in four places by gates made from iron bound oak. This wall does not include the port or alienages, which are defended by a smaller 15ft wall and lesser gates. To the south of the city, just outside the main gates are two large statues of dragons looking south into the lands of the orcs, these statues are made from marble and do not seem to have aged at all.


Legend has it that the dragons left the city at the end of the Higher Wars when all of the races in the area formed an alliance against them, one dragon however stayed in the city longer than the others, Blechanz who somehow set the towers ablaze before leaving. However Blechanz left Viffleur’s tower for the dragon to return to, whether by request or whim no one knows.

The city of Brennenstadt is one of the oldest in Warlderia as it was founded shortly after the Higher Races arrived on the continent by the Dragons, one of only two times that they ever worked together. It was meant to be a place where the dragons could meet to discuss any disagreements before they came to blows and teach the humans that they sought to enlighten. Of course by their very nature the dragons found that any meeting of more than 4 of their number soon turned into a battle and the city was left as a place where disagreements were settled but by second hand negotiation. In fact only four dragons ever lived in the city, Viffleur (Red Dragon), Fougreve (Blue Dragon), Blechanz (Bronze Dragon) and Argenis (Silver Dragon). These four dragons acted as intermediaries for the rest of dragon kind, all of them were adult dragons but they all saw this world as a gift for themselves or their people and so they worked together so that it would stay as it was. At its height the city saw Barbarians from all of the tribes visit their masters bearing gifts for the four dragons, and the inhabitants herded cattle in the area for food for themselves and the dragons. None of the dragons used the inhabitants of the city for food but some did bully their humans and demand rich gifts of gold and gems.


The modern city is ruled by a council of 10 elders voted to power every 5 years by the members of the 10 so called tribes of the city. These are tribes are not made up by blood relations but are defined by the area of the city that an individual lives and if they own property. In practice very few new members of the tribes have been admitted in the last 50 years. These tribes are made up principally of humans and half-0rcs with only a few dwarves and only a handful of Elves. The Council elects one of their number to be the City Governor for a term of5 years, this Governor has the power to set tax rates, declare war and to command the city’s guards. The city has a large highly trained guard, whose duties include maintaining the peace as well as defending the city in times of war. This guard is made up of a mix of humans and half-orcs all of who train every day and are well equipped as well as motivated. In the last 20 years there has only been one major attack on the city but raiders attack the outlying settlements keeping the guard busy and experienced. The guard have control over the entire city in theory but hardly ever visit the alienages unless a major disturbance occurs.


The guards form the mainstay of the cities military about 1,600 well drilled and professional are probably the most formidable army in the area but in times of great need the citizens form up into militia regiments and auxiliaries from both of the alienages are called upon. This army has fought off every threat for the last 100 years and with the lessening of tension with the Volscii the main focus is on the orcs to the south. 

Outside of Brennenstadt

Viffleur’s End

Viffleur’s End (Large Town) Alignment CN, Population 6000, (60% Human, 20% Half-orc, 10% Dwarf, 10% mixed), Authority Figure: Commander Julius Masterton (human male fighter)

Viffleur’s End is a town about 15 miles to the west of the city built in a valley in the hills, it has a stone wall surrounding it and a large market for the miners from the mountains. The town is fairly wealthy and boisterous with miners coming here rather than the city to sell their ore and spend their money. Outside the town is a the Abbey of Laran((Kord) where the gods priests and paladins spend their time in training and contemplation. The Abbey is home to the Knights of Kord, a group of Paladins, Fighters and Barbarians who defend the valley against all hostile incursions. On an island in the nearby lake is a shrine to Viffleur and Temple to Vanth(Wee Jas) where a small community of Volscii live in peace with their neighbours, the shrine has been there for over 250 years and the Temple about 200 years. There are regular pilgrimages by the Rudaur Manna to the shrine though the number has been dropping lately, most of these pilgrims stay in a camp of tents outside the sity. History does not tell why Viffleur headed to this place when the city was abandoned but it was on the island near the town that legend says the dragon met its end to a group of adventurers. You are supposed still to be able to buy some teeth and claws of the dragon at the market but must beware of forgeries.

Map of Viffleur’s End:

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Slauberg (Large Town) Alignment LN, Population 5200, (70% Human, 10% Half-orc, 10% Elf, 10% other). Authority Figure:- Major Luca Canagi. (human, merchant)

The town or Slauberg sits on the coast twenty miles to the north of Brennenstadt with well-fortified walls and a large market for trading with the less well behaved barbarians who do not want to go to the city. The harbour is small and used mainly for fishing vessels, but some of the smaller merchant ships do dock at its wharves. The barbarians sell herbs from their lands and jewellery to the people of the city in turn for metals and more civilised good leaving the people well off, if living a dangerous existence.

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