Lands of Warlderia

People of Note in Brennenstadt 

City Governor Manab Decilion: Manab is from one of the oldest families in the city, they claim to be able to trace their line back to the founding of the city almost 900 years ago. He is in his mid-sixties and the head of a major merchant operation, most of their trade is with the Old Empire and the Orcs to the south. He is not very popular with the general populace but was voted into power 2 years ago by a huge majority; many people claim that he bribed tens if not hundreds of people. Manab is a traditionalist so keeps the relationship with the Volscii polite but distant, where some of his opponents would like to see closer ties especially with the more modern thinking tribes.

Dakush is an Orc, the only full Orc on the council but has many connections both inside and outside of the alienage. He is old for an Orc but healthy and brutal when needed with his people; he manages to keep some sort of order in the alienage and has even persuaded the inhabitants to form militia units to help the city in times of trouble. The rumours about Dakush say that he was once a warlord for one of the major Orc tribes but was exiled about 12 years ago when he arrived in the city. Whoever he used to be he is now considered to be a productive member of the city .

Rotan Bloodhammer is a Volscii from the Umhvertis Folk, he is a powerfully built man in his fifties who moved to the city about 10 years ago. Rotan was respected almost from the first day and has since taken over running the alienage and represents his people in the council. He is scrupulously fair in his dealings with his people seeming to have no favourites even amongst the Umhvertis Folk but understands that they need a firm hand and his men can be brutal in dealing with trouble makers. Rotan also runs a trading company mainly buying goods from the Volscii and selling to other merchants in the city for export.

Dragmon Brennuh is a half-orc merchant who has built up a thriving business in the last 15 years and now has become a respected member of the city. He admits to being 45 and an escaped slave from one of the northern Orc tribes. Dragmon arrived in the city about 15 years ago with nothing of value but has since worked hard and amassed enough money and influence to be a serious contender to be voted onto the council. He is the first port of call for Orcs from the south when they want to sell anything in the city proper and seems to get on well with the barbarians to the north.

Selkurash is a human from the Old Empire and one of the wealthiest merchants in the city he is about 60 with a large family and friends amongst a lot of the merchants who trade regularly with the city. Rumours are that he is a smuggler but the guards have never come up with any evidence and most people think that if they did catch him the city might lose a lot of business. If you listen to his enemies he is an ex-slaver who smuggles and even ships people to the Old Empire when he can, his friends say that whilst he has contacts in the Old Empire he is just an honest merchant who has good business sense.

Zaphos High priest of Kithar only arrived in the city a few years ago preaching of Kithar, the god of elemental magic. He established himself in the town quickly and came up with enough money to buy a merchants compound and turn it into a temple, which has been finely decorated but is of an unconventional layout. Zaphos has only a few open converts but cloaked figures have been seen regularly visiting the temple at night, many people suspect that he has converts on the council. Zaphos is a man in his late thirties and freely admits to dabbling in necromancy in his youth before Kithar saved him and showed him the advantages of his teachings. He does heal on occasion but not very often and almost never general citizens of the city.   

Yigdis is the owner of the “Saucy Wench”, she is a beautiful woman in her thirties who took over the tavern from the last owner 4 years ago. The tavern was a brothel run by a human called Jenkos with a reputation for brutality to his girls, so no-one looked too hard to find him when he went missing. The rumours are that Yigdis killed him but they seem to approve rather than condemn. Yigdis is originally from the Blood Isles far to the south and her blond hair and fair skin made her very popular when she was working in the brothel. Since she took over Yigdis has replaced the male bouncers with females and the treatment of the girls has improved immeasurably. The tavern now has some of the most beautiful girls in the city working in it and Yigdis is supposed to keep her hand in with special clients every now and again.

Smiler is a human in his late forties with a scar running across his face, causing him to look like he is smiling and two missing fingers on his left hand. He runs the Cup for mysterious owners and deals with any trouble that starts inside the tavern. The cup is a rundown tavern in the poor part of town frequented by criminals, people with little money and cut-throats, it is widely known that if you want something stolen or someone beaten up you should come here first. Smiler has a very dour outlook on life; he waters down his beer and serves just eatable food, which is all his customers can afford. Fights do break out in the “Cup” but his two Half-Orc bouncers just throw any brawlers out, so that the guard don’t have another excuse to come in. Smiler never talks about his past and has very little interest in the views or misfortunes of his customers. He doesn’t give credit and will vigorously deny that anyone in his tavern has ever been in trouble with the guards, “just the unlucky and un-talented” he says that they are.
Wendal of Eisenburg is the High Priest of Laran, a man in his late fifties with a very impressive physique and a shaved head. Wendal came to the city some 8 years ago to replace the old priest of Laran who has just retired. He has a very business-like attitude to life and worship. The temple is one of the richest in the city and regularly puts on games at the Arena. Wendal is thought to be an old adventurer but he almost never talks about his past but his old great axe hangs near the back of the temple and looks as if it has seen plenty of action. He is one of the council and well known for his good advice but also for giving advice even when it is not wanted, which sometimes gets him into fights. 

Corlee Brighthelm is the High Priest of Fuflans, a Half-Elven male who has only come to the city in the last year. He is tall for an Elf and holds himself with great confidence giving rise to the notion that he is a noble of some city. Corlee rarely gets involved in the problems of the city but does help travellers new to the city and regularly leaves the city for weeks on end.

Giovan Caseragi is the High Priest of Maris, he is in his late sixties but looks younger. He is rumoured to have come to the city from the west, maybe from the Divine Empire but has been a priest of Maris for so long that few can remember when he wasn’t at the temple. Giovan spends part of each day in the “Drunken Scribe” reminiscing with his old friend Harlun and is always willing to stand his round with mages and worshipers. He helps train new mages in the ethics of magic and preaches of the great opportunity that those with the grift have been given.

Vanker Wiseman is the High Priest of Turms, he is a man in his late thirties with frugal tastes and is prudent with his money as befits a priest of Turms. Vanker is of medium build with pale skin and a well groomed beard, he is usually seen with a smile on his face and welcomes all to the confines of the temple. Well respected in the city he is scrupulously honest and goes out of his way to been seen to be fair with city and visiting merchants. 

Tiberia Donstatu is the High Priestess of Turan, she is a hansom women in her mid-forties with extravagant tastes and a liking for poetry. Her dark hair and fair skin give away her Old Empire heritage but she always tells people that she left the Empire to bring the teachings of  Myrhiss (she still uses the southern name) to the world and is happy in Brennenstadt. Tiberia looks after her young priestess well and keeps order in the temple grounds like a mother hen, especially when it is festival time, but has a weakness for poets and flighty women.

Tarquin Masterton is the Commander of the Watch. A man in his mid-fifties from a city family who has served as mercenary in a few of the armies of the Successor States he is respected for his tactical flexibility and discipline. Tarquin is about 6ft tall with broad shoulders and dark hair, but walks with a slight limp. He has asked on several occasions asked for more men to be recruited into the guards but is always turned down by the council, so he has extended the militia, especially in the alienages.

Urias Baltan is the city's Harbour Master, he is a half-0rc from the wastes to the south that came to the city to seek his fortune and found that he had a gift for organisation. He has risen to the post of Harbour Master in the last few years and made a fortune in the same time. Some of the merchant’s claim that he takes bribes from smugglers to look the other way but either he is honest or no-one can catches him out.

Nelis Kamthan is head of the Mages Guild in the city; she is supposed to be in here late fifties but only looks about thirty. She is a pretty woman with fair hair and green eyes, a formidable mage she prefers to use diplomacy rather that force to get her way. Nelis was an adventurer in her youth and amassed a fortune and considerable knowledge before retiring to her home city of Brennenstadt.

Sigurd Holfson is the head of the Merchants Guild in Brennenstadt but doesn’t look like he could be a mechant. He is over 6ft tall with blond hair and the physique of a fighter, hansom to look at and charismatic when he chooses, he claims to be from the Blood Isles to the south and a great sailor. Sigurd arrived in the city 10 years ago with his ship and crew, within 1 year he was well established and making alliances with the other merchants, who all profited from his trading ventures. At 50 years old Sigurd no longer sails any of his 3 ships and now leaves that to his son and daughter, who take after their father in making money each voyage.

Judge Benarot Juliti is the head judge of the city, he is in his late fifties with a shaved head and prominent nose. He is from a middle class family from the city and worked successfully as an advocate in the city for years before being elected to the bench. Benarot has the reputation for being fair if a little harsh in his sentences, he believes completely in the rule of law and that if judged guilty a person should take responsibility for their actions. He is respected in the city and his family have profited greatly from his rise to the bench, with no hint of corruption.

Julius Scarlati is a priest of Usil, and came to the city about 7 years ago from the forests to the north. He is a devout and charismatic advocate of his god, healing the people of the city for whatever donation they can afford and helping the people of the alienage. Julius is a small man, no taller than 5ft, with dark hair and beard but his confidence means that he commands notice when he enters a room. Julius has been pushing the city council for the last couple of years to grant him a building in the city for a proper temple to Usil, rather than the shrine in the grove that his god has now, but has had no success so far. 


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