Lands of Warlderia

Inns and Taverns in Brennenstadt

1A- The Flowing Jug: This tavern sits just inside the gate to the alienage and is busy most of the time day and night. The tavern used to be a merchants compound but was converted to a tavern because the warehouse suits the clientele, where open spaces and high roofs are the normal. Jonnas the owner of the “Jug” is a Volscii of about 55 with grey hair and a expanding waste, he is an affable man who was once an adventurer throughout the Successor States. He enjoys running the tavern and regales his costumers with tales of his adventures, but has no time for customers who start trouble and has been known to take the greataxe from behind the bar to stop fights. Most of the Volscii respect Jonnas and there is very rarely any real trouble.

1B- The Sea Serpent: The Sea Serpent is the only tavern in the port district and as such does good business as sailors spend their money whilst they are in port. This means that the tavern is considered to be slightly disreputable. Unusually the tavern is not considered one of the more rowdy ones in the city but is considered a place where you can meet travellers from all over Warlderia. Brindet is the owner of the Serpent, he is a man in his mid-forties with a sour expression and a missing left hand. He claims that he lost his hand in an accident at sea but some of the sailors he caters for claim that thieves in the Old Empire lose their left hand if caught. Brindet runs an efficient tavern and pays bards well to maintain the atmosphere, there are rumours that he also works with smugglers but nothing has ever been proven.

1C- Saucy Wench: The Saucy Wench is a tavern and brothel in the barbarian alienage, renowned for its fiery women and good times, the peace of the tavern is kept by 8 women who are more than capable of dealing with most of the clientele. The owner of the Tavern is Yigdis a beautiful woman in her thirties with a no-nonsense reputation.

1-D- The Splintered Fang: The Splintered fang is the most reputable tavern in the orc alienage during the day and is used for meetings between merchants and orcs from the city. At night though it becomes like all of the taverns in the alienage, full of heavy drinking and brawling. The Fang is run by a Half-Orc called Xarturg, who was supposed to have once been a war chief of one of the smaller orc tribes but had to flee his tribe for safety. He is an expert at dealing with his customers, usually with the heavy club that he keeps behind the bar.

1E and 1F: Both of these taverns cater for the poorer orcs in the alienage, neither has a name and both have blood stained floors where the clients have argued over anything. Most non-orcs tend to avoid both of them as they are unwelcoming to any but orcs.

1G- The Closed Fist: The Fist is the tavern owned by Dakursh and as such has a more ordered atmosphere than that of the nearest taverns. It tends not to get out of hand until after Dakursh leaves at some time after mid-night and most disputes are settled outside the tavern itself.

 1H- The Goose:   The Goose is the nearest tavern to the barracks and as such is where off duty watchmen go to relax. This means that most people looking for a good night out give it a wide bearth, leaving it to serious drinkers who won’t cause trouble. Anstar the owner of the Goose is in his late fifties and looking a bit haggard lately but he seems happy with his hard drinking but quiet clientele.  

1J- The Foolish Merchant: The Foolish Merchant set in the market is a lively tavern frequented by merchants and their customers. The food and wine are rumoured to be the best in the city.  Lassana, the owner of the Merchant, is a beautiful woman in her late twenties with long red hair; she inherited the tavern from her husband when he passed away two years ago. Most of the people in the city expected her to sell the tavern and leave the city but she has made the tavern even more popular and successful than ever.

1K- The Drunken Scribe:  The Scribe is the nearest tavern to the mages square and is frequented by mages, scribes and their students after a long day working. It never gets too rowdy but there are regular philosophical discussions which can get out of hand. Harlun the owner is from the west and claims that he used to know Arrulan the Great. Harlun was probably a mediocre mage but has made a good living running the tavern. He will detect magic on items for a reasonable price but has been known to fake it with the less discerning clients.
1L- The Seductive Virgin: The Virgin is a tavern and brothel situated opposite the Courts of Justice, it caters for a high class clientele and is often used for quiet meetings between merchants and members of the city council. It is very discrete and the tavern guards are known to be some of the best mercenary blades in the city. Jess the owner of the Virgin used to work there until a decade ago but took over when the last owner fled the city to get away from the jealous wife of one of her favourite customers. Jess is in her late thirties and a hansom woman with a good business head and closed mouth, making her idea for the brothel.

1M-  The Cup: This is a tavern set in the poorest area of the city and as such is frequented by the poor and  the unscrupulous. Fights do break out but the three Half-Orc bouncers are usually able to deal with them easily. The tavern is run by a human called Smiler due mainly to the fact that no one has ever seen him smile; the food and drink are poor but cheap.

1N-   Orcs Head: It is set in a middle class area behind the Court of Law and is considered a good tavern but nothing outstanding. The Orcs Head is run by a human called Nosa, who is in his late fifties and has lost his left hand. Nosa is friendly to all of his customers and lets out rooms on the second floor for longer term patrons.

1P- The Victory: The Victory is set across from the arena and has a large area set out with tables between the tavern and the arena so that it can cope with all of the business on days when the arena is being used. Tillad the owner of the Victory is a broad shouldered man in his late fifties, he used to be a gladiator of some note but when his time in the arena came to an end he bought the Victory and has never looked back. He employs ex-gladiators as bouncers, which discourages most of the worst fights but Tillad will sometimes let one of his client challenge him to wrestle and pay for their drinks all night if they win.

7B Eastern Boarding: The Eastern is the finest boarding house in the city, it lets out suits rather than rooms and tries to keep out the wrong sort of people. Estelle Tancredi is the owner of the property and the wife of one of Fabio’s sons, she is friendly and welcoming to any person who she feel is the right sort for the Eastern.

Map of Brennenstadt:

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