Lands of Warlderia

Temples and Shrines of Brennenstadt

2A- Temple of Laran (Kord): The temple of Laran is located near the Arena, it is a large structure with columns supporting a flying buttress roof. It is one of the richest temples in the city and one of those most used. The worshipers are a mix of barbarians and city guards on the whole with adventurers making visits when possible, the temple organises matches at the Arena once a month to help worship their god.

2B- Temple of Fuflans (Fharlanghn): Is the least ostentatious of the cities temples with understated stone work and is set near the western gate. Many travellers and merchants use it before they leave the city to pray for a safe and profitable journey.

2C- Temple of Maris (Boccob):  The Temple of Maris is set opposite the Mages guild and does good business with these mages and their students. It has a library of almost the same size as the guild with some very rare texts and spell books, which attracts scholars from all over the area.

2D- Temple of Turms (Zilcus): The Temple of Turms is set at one end of the market square, a rich well-appointed temple with Doric columns supporting the porch. The Temple is well used by the merchants of the city and arbitrates most disputes between merchants and their customers.

2E- Temple of Turan (Myrhiss): This is set in a middle class area near the gate to the port; it is constructed from white stone and is visited by many young women. The goddess of arts, love and beauty is of course well respected by the women of Brennenstadt and is where bards and young people gather on holidays and in the early evening.

2F- Temple of Kirthar: The Temple of Kithar is housed in what was a merchant’s house and has a well-appointed if unconventional layout. The god of the elemental magic is new to the area but the high priest Zaphos says that it is just that as an out of the way city word has been slow coming to Brennenstadt.

2G- Grove of Shrines: The Grove of Shrines is set by one of the wells in the Volscii alienage, in a small grove of trees and holds shrines to Feronia (Ehlonna), Usil (Pelor), Selva (Obad-hai) and Veltha (Nerull). It is a place well used by the Volscii but is visited by many citizens of the city, especially the Shrine to Usil. The priest of Usil has been lobbying the city for a Temple in the city proper but has not raised sufficient money to buy the property required.

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