Lands of Warlderia

Brennenstadt Merchants, Traders and Shops

5A- Guild of Merchants: The Guild of Merchants is based in this spacious domed building, the more successful merchants become officials of the guild and have offices allotted to them. If their fortunes wane their offices tend to be allotted to someone else, but the advantages to being an official of the guild means that this doesn’t happen very often. The building has arched doors and windows giving it a wealthy look and inside the main doors open into the main hall with its high domed roof and mosaics covering the floor. Off this hall the minor officials of the guild have their officers and as you go up the floors of the building you get more influential officials and it is harder to see them.

5B- Dragomon house & warehouse: Dragomon has his shop, warehouse and living quarters in this building it is well guarded both during the day and at night by half-orc mercenaries.

7A Tancredi’s: Fabrics Fabio Tancredi owns the premier supplier of fine cloth and clothes to the wealthy people of Brennenstadt his shop in the silver quarter. He is a local man in his late sixties with a large family who make sure that everyone knows that he is on the council, making enemies as they go.

7C Harbour Supplies: Harbour supplies is run by Juan Martelli a good natured man in his late forties with a wife and two daughters. As the name would suggest he stocks almost anything that a ship could need and is doing well for himself.

7D Dorens Blacksmiths: Enrico Doren owns and runs this blacksmiths shop, he is a man in his early forties of considerable physique. The shop is one of the most successful in the city with at least three apprentices working for Doren at any time, and a wagon delivering finished goods to most of the smaller communities most days of the week. Doren is a serious human with a wife and two children in their late teens, and has a reputation for honesty as well as good quality work.

7E Hortenses Fine Foods: This establishment supplies fine foods to most of the better of families in the city, with a special line in exotic foods and drink. The business is thriving and even supplies the palace for diplomatic events. Hortense is a woman of Volsci background whos father moved to the city 30 years ago to set up shop, she is in her early forties and has three children. Hortense Velarin has run the shop for the last 10 years since her husband died and her son Esteban the shipping side of the business. Hortense is a hansom woman with a fiery disposition but enough charm so that people forgive her outbursts.

7F Quality Gems Quality: Gems is the main supplier of jewellery and gems in the city and also supplies valuations to adventurers and other citizens. Alfred Rastino has run the shop with the help of his brother and sister for the last 5 years since his father retired and moved back to the Old Empire. The shop has good contacts with the mines to the west and the Volsci to the north supplying it with a constant steam of goods to be sold but Matilde has also made an effort to make the shop welcoming to adventurers who want to sell their loot.

7G The Magic Emporium: The Emporium is a shop for items of rare or magical origins, whilst never busy the shop has succeed and some say thrived in the last few years. The dim interior adds atmosphere according to the owner Ferage Salid, and say his rivals allows him to sell inferior good more easily. Salid is rumoured to be from the northern continent, and has a dusky complexion which would back up this claim. Ferage will assess items brought in and give a valuation at a price as well as offering to buy and rare or magical goods at a fair price.

7H Colins Armoury: Colins Armoury is run by a half-orc called Xenran who took over the workshop when the former owner died in a fight with a drunken orc. The armoury produces and repairs armour or every sort and its proximity to the barracks means that it does excellent business most of the time. Xenran is a morose man with a line in sarcasm but he is known to keep to bargins when struck and has made the best armour in the city for years. He says that he was going to change the name of the shop but as no one can pronounce his name he left it as it was.

7J Janits Leathers: Janits Leathers supplies anything you could think of in leather, from fine boots and armour to items that only a brothel could possibly use. Janit a westerner woman in her late twenties set up shop a few years ago when she arrived in the city and has done very well for herself since, especially as she works well with Xenran. Janit employs between 5 and 8 workers in her shop and usually makes sure that the guards are welcome at any time to keep any chance of trouble to a minimum.

7K General Supplies: Garran Ballam is the owner of General Supplies, he is a human of about 50 years with a jovial manner and good heart. The store survives but with Garra in charge it will never make a lot of money as he extends credit to people who can’t or will not pay him back but as he says as long as he is healthy and can feed himself he is happy.

7L Calavari Weapons: Hugo Calavari came to Brennenstadt about 4 years ago from the Volsci and almost immediately set up his workshop, it was not long before he had made himself a reputation as the cities best weapon smith. He now employs four apprentices and makes a very good living, all of the weapons he makes are masterwork but he charges highly for them. Hugo is in his mid-twenties with a wife and to support but as business is good they all live well.

7N Booze and Bash: The booze and bash is a shop in the orc alienage which surprisingly sells weapons and alcohol. Neither are good quality but they are cheap and that is what most of the orcs want.

7P Decelions Inport and Export Manab Decilion is the owner of this business and whilst he is Governor his family are running it. The largest merchant house in the city he has extensive contacts with all of the cities neighbours as well as the Old Empire and the Successor States. He owns four ships and organises 6 caravans a year, so his warehouse and storage areas are always busy.

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