Lands of Warlderia


The town of Carstor sits at the centre of the most fertile area of the coast, and as such supplies most of the food for the other towns and settlements. The town’s main purpose is to act as a market and transport facility to sell their goods to the rest of the coast, mainly grain and beer but they also produce their own wine. The port is smaller than the other main towns but this suit the citizens who on the whole want to be left to get on with their lives without interference from outside. The citizens of Carstor come from all over the Successor States and beyond, most just wanted to be free of nobles and rulers but a number fled for more pressing reasons. The town is governed by a small council who believe that what a man did before he came to the coast is not important, but they do enforce the laws of the town strictly, so most of the more disreputable individuals usually don’t stay long before moving to Golathin or Nethorar.

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