Lands of Warlderia


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Formal Name: Free Town of Casterton
Ruler:  Baron Treval Casterton
Government:  Fuedal
Capital: Casterton
Major Settlements: None
Resources: Copper & Timber
Population: 2,000 ~ (25% Urban) 60% Human,  20% Half-Elf,  
  10% Dwarven, 5% Elven, 5% Other
Languages: Common, Elven
Common Alignment: Good
Major Religions: Pelor (NG), Mayaheine (LG)
Allies:  Combel, Roseguard & Marrak
Enemies: The Necropolis

Casterton is a small town set at the edge of the forests north of Combel. It has grown gradually as the home of the Guardians of the South an organisation dedicated to holding back the incursions of the undead of the Necropolis and the monsters which now occupy the forest. Originally the palace and a small village, abandoned years ago, were the only habitations but one hundred years ago Savis Casterson moved to the area with his band of adventurers moved here to stop the steady flow of undead moving south. Savis was successful in greatly lessening the incursions of the undead and proved to his neighbours that he was worth supporting, and was eventually granted the title of Baron and the agreement of aid from the three cities.

The town grew steadily as all three of his neighbours sent people to help the famous adventurer, mostly those considered rebels or criminals but people with nowhere else to go soon followed. Now one hundred years later the town is well established with the Guardians still occupying the restored palace and the Knights of the Star a fortified area to the west of the town. The Guardians and Knights patrol deep into the forest keeping any remnants of undead from moving south and trying to kill any of the monsters they find. In the last few years adventurers have started coming to the town in hope of looting the city and any monsters lairs that they can find. These adventurers stay in one on the three inns or the town’s boarding house before leaving for the north, few come back with anything but wounds but enough have come back with treasure to encourage more.

Baron Treval Casterson is in his mid-thirties and has continued his great-grandfathers work commanding the Guardians from Casterson manor. He has a wife and three young children but still leads one in three patrols into the forest with his men, the other two leaders of the Guardians are Velgin Stonecleaver and Tessa of the Blood Isles. Baron Treval has left the running if the town to his friend Dorin Elatish, whose family arrive at the town about forty five years ago, Dorin is a man in his late fifties and has advised the Castersons for the last twenty years. Where Dorin’s family came from originally no-one knows but many are convinced that they were nobles before arriving at the town.

The population of the town is a mix of races from the southern Successor States most of whom have come here for a second chance, this gives the town an aura of tolerance and not a little desperation.

The Knights of the Star are an order of male and female knights who live in their compound to the west of the town, they hail from all over the Successor States. Many of them are younger sons of noble families or daughters of those families who don’t want to settle down and raise children. The order is associated with both the cities of Combel and Roseguard with two Knight Commanders leading them, at the moment they have twelve Knights and about forty men at arms.

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