Lands of Warlderia

House Chapray

House Chapray is an old and venerable one with roots even stretching back before the coming of the Higher Races. No blood is bluer nor as imbued with history and that of the Chapray family.

Before the Higher Races came the Chapray were chieftains who then embraced the knowledge and wisdom of the Elves and Dwarves gladly serving them. As loyal stewards they supported the Elven High Senate and fought in the Higher Wars for the Elves with dedication and sacrifice. Gaetamis the head of the family was a loyal vassal of Elven Senator Cal-P’arthian and served with Kaegor in the war against the Orcs of Bilederth where his first born son died. Gaetamis Chapray even remained loyal when Cal-P’arthian seduced Gaetamis’ daughter Naief and made her with child. When Cal-P’arthian tried to remove all traces of Kaegor and the Chapray from the records of the campaign it was too much and Gaetamis joined Kaegor in open rebellion.

The Chapray family supported and fought beside Kaegor throughout the long years of the rebellion and when Gaetamis died his son replaced him and so on through the years. House Chapray was ever loyal and supporting of the Emperor yet always promoting the good and decent course of action. Even their enemies could not argue that the Chapray’s produced many a fine paladin or priest. It was a sign of the decay of the Empire under Kaegor XIII that he banished the Chapray’s from court and refused to listen to their advice. When Innocence deposed and killed the Mad Emperor the Chapray family swore loyalty to him as the new Divine Emperor. They tried to woo the Successor States back to the imperial fold but sadly with little success.

In the years since the Divine Empire came in to being the state of the Chapray’s has in many ways mirrored it. The vitality has drained away from House Chapray and though still active at court it has been supplanted to a good degree by younger more dynamic houses. The family has reduced in size with losses of its brightest and best at the Isle of Hate and even Harmonias. It is now, like the Empire, splendid and impressive but fading and becoming less capable by the year. House Chapray is still influential and wealthy but in many ways lacks the drive to use its power.





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