Lands of Warlderia

Knighthood in the Divine Empire

The Knights of the Rose

This order was founded by Earl Arnes Salkuras of Aelfshaw over fifty years ago when he had recently succeeded his late father as Earl of Aelfshaw. His late father’s men-at-arms were all efficient but brutal warriors that failed to appreciate the new Earl’s artistic and cultured tastes. Earl Arnes held frequent tournaments where the flower of chivalry was invited to compete for induction in to this knightly order. Entry to the ranks of the order was for those who are both skilled warriors and at home in polite society.
The current commander of the Order, the Knight Audacious, is Sir Jocund of Joyess. He was Knighted over 30 years ago by Earl Arnes and has served as his constant companion ever since to the point that the Earl has appointed Sir Jocund as his successor. It is said that his duty to Earl Arnes comes before all other matters with never having married nor even sought to. In his late fifties he is still a handsome man of trim build with a fine voice and skilled at the lute.
The most famed of recent Knights is Sir Mercel a protégé of Sir Jocund. He is tall, broad, charismatic and well respected by the Earl and his court. He wears fine Elven chain armour and silks purchased especially for him by Sir Jocund at court and a masterwork suit of plate armour at tourney.  Like Sir Jocund this Knight is a dedicated bachelor though has boyish good looks and  charm make him popular with the ladies.
To become a Knight of the Rose one may be of any race or gender but merely be of the right character and mindset. In practice all the Knights are human(ish) with high charisma, diplomacy, skill at arms and excellent horsemanship. They are usually sponsored by a noble or fellow Knight but may be inducted following victory at a tourney. These ‘Bouquet Knights’ are given arms, armour and a mount as part of their induction in to the Order.

Order of the Peacock

This is a loose order of Knighthood that promotes self-interest and above all self-aggrandisement. It is an old order that was once more concerned with acts of bravery and daring but now is more concerned with self-promotion. A Knight of the Peacock tends to be selfish and concerned only with personal goals and objectives.

While he or she may profess higher motives, in practice they are less than nobles. A Knight would normally put his own interests first, always accept payment for his actions and always take his fair share, or more, of loot.  Above all he or she must take every opportunity to increase his own stature, prestige, and power.

They must always be well dressed and equipped with fine armour, weapons and mounts. When two peacock Knights meet they will attempt to outdo each other with displays of wealth, splendour and even skill of arms.

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