Lands of Warlderia

House Larteton

The stories and origins of the Larteton family are both obscure as they are numerous. The one most commonly put forward by the family is that Larteton the Fox was a Ranger lord who fought alongside Kaegor during his rebellion and in turn was rewarded well for his loyalty and bravery. Enemies of the family put forward another version, that Larteton was a brigand who had been imprisoned for his banditry and general lawlessness. In return for his freedom Larteton agreed serve Kaegor in his rebellion and to bring over his numerous rascals and ne'er-do-wellsto the cause.

It is known that he never married but had fourteen sons by various women and acknowledged them all. Larteton was rewarded by Kaegor and given lands and titles for his service which he in turn passed on to his plethora of children. House Larteton is both widespread and disjointed with family members in both of the Empires, the Successor States and even the crimson Coast. The branches generally co-operate but this is not a strict rule as internal feuds have occurred. The Divine Empire branches of the family claim precedence and are ignored by the numerous other family lines.

The reputation of the Lartetons is that they are as cunning as their fox emblem but are always ones to be looking for advancement. Larteton the Fox was a man of few letters but much shrewdness and was one of the most famed self-made men of the Empire. Rightly or wrongly they are also known as libertines were women are concerned and have a thoroughly lecherous notoriety. This can be both a boon and a hindrance depending on the circumstances.

The widespread branches of the Larteton family all have varied coats of arms but all contain the original fox emblem in some form or other. Some are famed warriors, some even rogues but few are ever dull.

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