Lands of Warlderia

House Lascard of Elmore 

This house is a new one that has only come in to being since the formation of the Divine Empire under Emperor Innocence. Prior to that the Lascards were not even nobility and ask such are despised by many of the old blood families but not as much as they are feared.

Beldon Lascard was Master of Hounds at the court of the last of the Kaegorian Emperors. It was Beldon who let the then Paladin Innocence and his companions in to the side gate of the fortress palace of Mad emperor Kaegor XIII. The rest is history and for his bravery Beldon was ennobled by Emperor Innocence and House Lascard was born. Lord Beldon was a humble but surprisingly capable man who took a golden hound as his symbol and the older Matron Fleta of Elmore as his wife. The Lady’s husband has died fighting for Mad Kaegor and had even broken his parole to do so twice and as a traitor his lands were forfeit. By marrying Beldon she kept her lands through him.

Despite Fleta’s middle-age she and Beldon had twin boys though sadly she died in labour. Beldon then married his second cousin and had ten children by her. This was the start of the very numerous House Lascard. The eldest twin, Beldon, returned to court and served the Divine Emperor as his house has done so ever since.

Today the Lascard’s are major powers at the Divine Court with influence in varying degrees across the whole of the Divine Empire. Their home is the town of Elmore in the south of the Home Province where they are firmly in control. Beldon Lascard, the great grandson of the first Lord, is a prominent advisor to Emperor Innocence and a councillor in the Divine Court. It is Beldon’s and the family’s interest to keep Innocence in power and firmly on the throne and as such he blocks any and all suggestion of reforms.

When the first Lord Beldon took Elmore he was very careful to preserve it and cherished its history and culture. Indeed this has been a common Lascard trait ever since as they are great collectors of historical and cultural items. Their critics accuse them of trying to buy a pedigree but the Lascards have some of the finest items and indeed artefacts in the Empire and arguably the whole of Warlderia.  

They tend to have a less attractive trait of taking a slight to heart and bearing a grudge. Lascards are of the ‘dish served cold’ school of revenge and once crossed rarely forgive or forget. Given the criticism from the old noble families, the Lascards have had more than their share of feuds and perceived insults. The savagery of their reprisals has silenced many open critics but secret grumbling continues. 


This town was the home of the Elmore’s for centuries till the line ended with the last Lord and husband to Fleta Elmore, his actual first cousin.  He had little interest in her and was said to prefer to spend time out hunting and carousing with his squires and men at arms.  It is a pleasant town that is well cared for by the family

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