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Duchy of Everwatch

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Formal Name: Duchy of Everwatch
Ruler:  Duchess Katalin Vadild
Motto: “Astra inclinant, non necessitant” #
Government:  Feudal within Divine Empire
Capital: Everwatch
Major Settlements: Osendon, Volingdorf & Stonehaven
Resources: Farming, Fishing & Trade
Population: 202,650 (9.5% urban) ~ 90% human, 5% half-humanoid, 5% others 
Languages: Common with Orc & Goblin
Common Alignment: Neutral Good, True Neutral
Major Religions: Pelor (NG), Berei (NG), Old Faith (TN), Heironeous (LG)
Allies:  Knights Heroic of Heironeous, Druidic Conclave
Enemies Humanoids, Church of Hextor
# Vadild motto from the original Draconic as, “The stars incline; they do not determine”

Everwatch is a resurgent border province of the Divine Empire that was very recently on the edge of collapse and conquest by humanoid invaders. Only the leadership of her duchess and the heroics of brave adventurers saved the lands from destruction. Now the Duchy of Everwatch is a dynamic regional power in the Western Empire with the Earl of Aelfshaw offering fealty and newly liberated lands in Harmonias Province. The Duchy also has new found respect and a higher standing in wider civilised lands.

The Ducal Army is a tested force with recent hard fighting experience forging it in to an effective weapon. The leadership and supporting Knights Ducal have given solid direction to the forces and are capable and confident. The cause of Everwatch has become a popular one and many have rallied to her banner of honour and decency.

Prior to the Higher Wars a watch tower was established by the Western Elves to observe the actions of their neighbouring Orcs. The watch tower was called Everwatch and the Orcs resident of what is now Fallen Harmonias. The region was of little real interest save to the Elves of Gor’Vanim, which is now the Screaming Wood but was then called the ‘Flowering Beauty’. When Kaegor rebelled the garrison of Everwatch declared for him and the tower fell to the humans. Under Kaegor the area was made a Duchy and given to his loyal follower Boniface Balder whose family ruled for close to two hundred years. The Balders developed their duchy well but fought for Emperor Kaegor XIII against Innocence in the popular revolt of 202 I.Y. When Divine Emperor Innocence was crowned he disposed the Balders and appointed his low born but gifted lieutenant Jeremy Vadild as Duke of Everwatch. The Vadilds have ruled ever since.

Recent History

On the night of the New Year celebrations the Orcs used subterfuge and even, it is said, plain treachery to storm the defences of Everwatch Castle. It was a pyrrhic victory for the Orcs who suffered awful casualties but it also shattered the Duchy’s defences. Duke Rocco and all his family where in the castle when it fell and only his youngest daughter absent.
The Orcs where from Fallen Haemonias across the southern border and they set about burning and looting the lands around the castle. They failed to press on and allowed the last remaining Vadild to return and take control. Though young and inexperienced Lady Katalin rallied the remaining forces and persuaded the Knights Heroic of Heironeous and the Divine Marines of the Imperial Navy to come to her aid. The famous Gilded Blade adventurers brought part of the 13th Legion from Helgorforth to go on unofficial leave and join her. Lord Oyston from the Earldom Aelfshaw organised a crusade and supplied both men and money.

In late spring the Orcs where attacked to the south of Everwatch and Lady Katalin’s first victory was won. This turned the tide and put the Orcs on the defensive and made her famous through out the Divine Empire. Other provinces sent aid and the momentum changed. It was then that another adventuring band led by Douglas and Daemagil of the Gilded Blades entered the Screaming Forest to seek the Elven Crown of Ancients. What occurred there is uncertain but what is known is that it lifted the magical curse that kept the goblinoid horde imprisoned with the woods. The horde spewed forth attacking all around the Screaming Forest. The 13th Legion at Helgoforth took heavy casualties and Glory Field Abbey withheld the enemy at a cost. The forces of the Duchy of Everwatch were warned by Estrildis, the famed beautiful bard, and had time to rally. They joined with a cohort of men from the Barony of Maelfasan on their way to help Lady Katalin. At the Battle of Heroes’ Folly the goblinoids were defeated and driven back to their old prison wood.

Less than two weeks later Lady Katalin and her allies fought the Battle of Galgortha at Orc’s Cleft were her forces when again victorious. Only the interference of a newly arriving Imperial Adjudicator prevented her from assaulting the City of Galgortha. However the adjudicator did bring approval of Katalin’s position as Duchess of Everatch and the human troops did slaughter many humanoids encamped around the city.

(Further information on the Battle of Galgortha)

As mid-summer approached Duchess Katalin took her closest friends and companions in to the heart of the old Screaming Forest to an ancient old lore site from the time before the coming of the Elves. There a great conclave of druids met and tested Katalin’s worth in their eyes where she is said to have sacrificed herself to the old ways. Little else is known save that the druids declared for her and cast magics turning the woods to a more benign manner and making it a poor sanctuary for the humanoids. Duchess Katalin and her companions left the wood and none have talked of matters since.

(Further information on Katalin Vadild)

(Further information on the Screaming (Folly) Wood)

Recent Events

The conquest of much of the March of Harmonias by the Ducal Forces is explained in the History Of Harmonias. By the end of the year the City of Galgortha has been conquered and renamed Harmonia, its original name.


Bonran (Small Town): Alignment: NG, Population: 1,400, Mixed (95% human, 3% dwarf, 2% other.). Authority figure: Bishop Oriforth of Pelor (human male, cleric) and Kynith Dovian (human, male, merchant).

Nestled in the heart of the province, Bonran was a sleepy market town with a ramshackle ivy covered town wall and a reputation for good inns and friendly folk. The personal holding of the Vadild family it has a solid keep and comfortable barracks for the garrison. For a brief time the duchess moved her court her but with the recapture of Everwatch this ended as did the influx of refugees following the recent humanoid defeats. Happily Bonran is slowly returning to its old comfortable and peaceful ways.

At the centre of the town is the market square with the impressive Cathedral of St Jalnir the Gentle, a temple an infirmary to the healing god Pelor. Next to the cathedral is a rather large shrine to the commerce god Zilchus whose clergy run and promote the weekly markets. In the North West part of Bonran is the temple complex to Berei the farmer’s god with extensive barns and warehouses. There are three excellent Inns, Mermadors shop of ‘magicks and the like’, and a small but boisterous community of Dwarven alchemists. A company of heavy infantry, The 1st Ducal Spear, occupies the Valdild Keep and barracks.

Bonram is also home to a small but thriving merchant guild led by Kynith Dovian. He is the patron of Bonran’s respectable town library and the sponsor of several adventuring bands that act to aid the Duchess Katalin’s cause. The Gilded Blades are the most successful of these adventurers.

(Further Information on the Town of Bonran)

Osendon (Small City): Alignment: LN, Population: 7,200, (85% human, 5% half-elf, 5% dwarf, 3% elf, 2% half-humanoid). Authority figures: Admiral Amarii (human, male, military-governor).

Osendon is home to the 2nd Squadron of the Western Divine Fleet under Admiral Amarii. It is the most cosmopolitan of settlements in the Duchy with an ornate temple to Osprem, the LN goddess of sea voyages, ships & sailors and a large market run by the f9ollowers of Zilchus the commerce god.

The City is controlled by Admiral Amarii, an aged and veteran sailor with years of experience and enough common sense and ambition to support Duchess Katalin. The Admiral used his marines and sailors to declare martial law and thrice fought successfully against the humanoids. With the return of peace to the province he has offered to return control of Osendon to the citizens but they have declined as he enjoys such high popularity. A regiment of Divine Marines defend Osendon with two sleek war galleasses at anchor in the harbour, when not patrolling the coast to deter pirates and Blood Isler raiders.

For a while it was rumoured that Duchess Katalin might marry his son, Lazlo, a dashing officer, but his death at the Battle of Naugard and her marriage to Wulfram Amali changed matters. Since the death of his son Admiral Amarii his become a more sombre person, still dedicated to his men and the citizens of  Osendon but also bitter towards Lord Douglas of Stonehaven whom he believes fled the field of battle leaving Lazlo and his men  to their doom. As Lord Douglas is also building his own fleet it is likely that the two may well clash in the future.

Milton (Small Town): Alignment: NG, Population: 1,550 (85% human, 8% halfling, 5% dwarf, 3% half-orc, 2% gnome, 6% half-elf), Authority figure: Baroness Gerda af Staller (human female, aristrocat)

Milton is a prosperous agricultural town near the border with Aelfshaw. Milton has a temple to Berei, the NG goddess of agriculture, family, and home. The recent humanoid war has been a major drain on the town and the nearby area as many of the most able bodied men where sent south to fight for Duchess Katalin. With peace they have returned home and the town and surroundings are recovering.

It is the home of the Staller family who are loyal supporters of the Vadilds. Baron Jasper Staller was a life long friend of the late Duke Rocco and is devoted to supporting his old friend’s heir. Baron Jasper successfully led the ducal forces at the Battle of Heroes Folly against invading goblinoids. He would have liked to have seen his eldest son Hyatt marry Duchess Katalin but is still a loyal vassal and has been appointed Governor-General of Harmonias.

Volingdorf (Large Town): Alignment: LN, Population: 5,250, (95% human, 5% others), Authority figure: Darcy Farseer (human, male, governor)

Volingdorf is a prosperous fishing and agricultural centre with its own modest boat yard. It has several merchant guilds that also make it a thriving commercial town along with a newly open temple to Zilchus the LN god of prestige, money & business. Volingdorf was home to the Balder family that ruled the Duchy before House Vadild and their influence remained in the town.

After the collapse of the border a cartel of merchants fronted by Henry Balder refused to accept the authority of Duchess Katalin. Henry Balder was a professed priest of Trithereon, the CG god of individuality, liberty, retribution, self-defence, but in fact used charm magics to enslave the bulk of the populace. Only after Balder was killed and the town’s folk freed by the some Crusader adventurers did the truth come out. In fact Henry was not only a priest of Erythnul, the CE god of hate, malice, panic & slaughter, but he was also masquerading as a member of the Balder family.

Duchess Katalin appointed the Honourable D’arcy Farseer, 3rd son of Sage-Lord Brisius Farseer of the Athenaeum of Haden, as governor to Volingdorf to repair the economic and social damage wrought on the town. He has re-opened the Zilchus temple and has done his utmost to boost the local economy and trade while sending troops to aid Katalin.

Glory Field Abbey (Village): Alignment: LG, Population: 800, (95% human, 5% others), Authority figure: Abbot Bysel (human, male, cleric)

Glory Field is the site of a preceptory-abbey of Heironeous, the LG god of chivalry, justice, honour & war. This fortified temple complex is the home to the Knights Heroic, their retainers and followers. It is a self-sufficient community dedicated to fielding the bravest holy warriors in the Divine Empire and beyond. Though the Valdilds were not declared worshipper of Heironeous they always treated the god and his abbey with respect and courtesy. In return Glory Field Abbey has offered full support and has performed great daring deeds smiting the Orcs before them.

Glory Field Abbey itself was attacked while the Knights Heroic where serving with Duchess Katalin to the south. Subjected to a desperate goblinoid assault the Abbey was only saved by selfless the actions of Helayn Roseheart, a visiting Knight Vigilant from Provius Preceptory in Veston Vale. She led the counter attack that drove the goblins back over the walls but the brave paladin paid for it with her life.

The Knights Heroic have enhanced their reputation throughout the recent war and Glory Field has more pilgrims than ever worshipping Heironeous in its fortress chapel. Sadly the rise of a Hextor supported regime in Harmonias to the south is a cause for great worry for the Abbott and his flock. Appeals for aid to liberate the slaves of Harmonias province by the new rulers have been refused but caused much angst in the ranks. Even with rumours of Duchess Katalin’s druidic practices it seems likely that Glory Field Abbey will remain a firm and honoured ally of hers.

Ima (Small Town): Alignment: NG, Population: 1,100; Mixed (79% human, 9% halfling, 4% half-elf, 3% dwarf, 2% gnome, 2% half-humanoid, 1% elf), Authority figure: Radiant Mother Dorika (half-orc, female, cleric)

Ima is home to a temple retreat dedicated to St. Obethiah the Tranquil, a saint for all those who place their trust in Pelor through silence and prayer. It was a peaceful and serene place of prayer and contemplation with a mixed and kind population of followers of St. Obethiah and his god Pelor. With the war the settlement has expanded from a village to a town and the temple now has a large infirmary for the treatment of the injured. Ima is run by the Church of Pelor to care for the poor, sick and destitute. Ima is a peaceful and tranquil place.

New Settlements

After successfully blunting the humanoid advance the forces of Everwatch re-took lands that had been held by the humanoids, for some cases for decades. This led to the establishment of two new settlements and the liberation of Castle Everwatch. Telchion and Stonehaven were once part of Harmonias but have been claimed and conquered by the Duchess and subsequently ceded by the new Margrave Quellion of Harmonias.

Telchion (Hamlet): Alignment: LN, Population: 400; Mixed (80% human, 17% half-humanoid, 3% others), Authority figure: Lord Rufus Renfrew (human, male, fighter)

Telcnio was an old human castle that had fallen to the Hobgoblins and Orcs decades ago: being known as Fal’n’fort. It was captured by mercenaries led by Lord Rufus Renfrew after the demoralised Kal-Varzt Hobgoblins fled before their advance. The castle is in poor state of repair and needs urgent repairs but Lord Rufus and his Blood Isle and Crimson Coast mercenaries are doing their best to keep the castle operational.

The Castle had recently become a refuge for ‘mixed bloods’, half-humanoids, trying to escape the Hextor follower led humanoid massacres that took place in the City of Harmonias. Lord Rufus has beenwelcoming provided they follow the laws of Everwatch and work hard reparing the castle.

Stonehaven (Small Town): Alignment: TN, Population: 1,800; Mixed (75% human, 10% half-humanoid, 5% half-elf, 4% dwarf, 2% gnome, 2% elf, 2% halfling), Authority figures: Lord Douglas Tanthalus (human, male, ranger), Lady Blanchefleur Tanthalus (human, female, cleric)

Stonehaven is a newly established settlement built on the foundations of at least two others. On the surface it was the Menagerie, a wild overgrown garden of a long dead eccentric nobleman. Underground it was an extensive Dwarven port built in to the very cliff face and formidably fortified. It is now the man campaign port for both the Army of Everwatch and the newly founded Free Harmonias province.

Stonehaven was bestowed to Lord Douglas, the famed ranger adventurer, for services to the late Duke Rocco, though controversially when the Duke was on longer living and undead. This was recognised by Duchess Katalin, the present living ruler, and Douglas has become a respected member of the Everwatch nobility. Serving Lord Douglas is his household knight, Sir Argun who acts as his seneschal and advisor.

Built in to the cliffs is a sheltered harbour with four levels of Dwarven warehouses, barracks and the likes above it. There are two large mechanical cranes that haul cargo up from the lowest level to the surface. Above the old Dwarven harbour is a thriving new walled settlement on the ruins of the old Menagerie.

In a matter of weeks Stonehaven has grown to over eighteen hundred settlers with several hundred garrison soldiers and is very much a boomtown with only the diligence of Lord Douglas and Sir Argun keeping matters in hand. The harbour is very busy supplying the south of Everwatch and Harmonias beyond. A busy and strategically important location.

Lord Douglas over the coming months of building works in Stonehaven has found himself in somewhat of a conundrum. With the recent atrocities to the East he has found ever increasing amounts of humanoids fleeing Harmonias. Now though these creatures are usually of evil demeanour Lord Douglas couldn’t just turn his back on their predicament. In consultation with the Church of Pelor they set about trying to make use of these migrants. Immediate ecclesiastical testing was undertaken on all humanoids that arrived, those beyond redemption or too evil of heart were duly escorted back East or to Wynthern, whichever they chose. Those who passed the test and showed a somewhat better morale standing were allowed to remain to help. Lord Douglas also thought that these creatures should have something to attain too and as such raised a unit of skirmishers that was wholly formed of Humanoids, an idea copied from that of the Duchal Scouts. This hopefully proved to them that they had a purpose and to society that under the right conditions they could prove to have a use – or at the very least not a hindrance. This seemed to kill two birds with one stone but only time will tell in whether this would pay off, but at least a temporary solution had been found

The town of Stonehaven is booming: With more and more works being undertaken in fortifying the stronghold as well as increasing its commercial control of the surrounding area. The recent supply of goods to Harmonias was aiding in establishing a good trade network and the port was seeing ever more traffic under the guidance of Douglas’s aides. Lord Douglas is exceptionally proud of the little town’s progress and his fervour is unrelenting in his plans for growth

The surrounding countryside of Stonehaven is regularly patrolled in these worrisome times and there is an open proclamation that any human slaves wishing to settle here will receive the appropriate support and safety offered by the Duchy of Everwatch and Lord Douglas - A place in society and continuance of the their freedom is guaranteed. Under Lady Blanchefleur Tanthalus, a cleric of Berei the agricultural deity, the rural population has rapidly grown.

Around Stoenehaven is a ring of newly established farm estates granted to the men of the Free Ludocian Company, who with their families add over five hundred to Stonehaven’s population plus the 2,000 ex-slaves who are their newly transplanted tenants.

Overall Lord Douglas now has 10,800 subjects excluding his considerable military strength.

more information on Stonehaven

Everwatch (Village): Alignment: NG, Population: 500; Mixed (95% human, 5% others), Authority figure: Duchess Katalin (human, female, aristocrat-fighter), Sir Aedgar Wyktham (human, male, fighter)

Once a large sprawling fortress, the castle has seen better days since it fell to the humanoids. The ruins where re-captured and the core keep intact but much of the outer walls and buildings are destroyed. The outer gate keep that was the undead court of Duke Rocco has had to be exorcised, blessed and demolished due to the evil imbibed in the walls.

The Duchess has moved her court her from Bonran and is slowly but surely repairing the castle. As with Telchion and Stonehaven half-humanoid refugees have crossed over in to Everwatch to escape the Hextor led slaughters but they are moved on to either of the other border settlements and are not permitted to reside at Everwatch.

Prominent Individuals and Organisations: 

Illustrations: From The Battle for Wesnoth ( used under General Public License

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