Lands of Warlderia


Official Name: Free Towns of Eissenberg
Ruler: Council of Free Towns
Government:         Democracy
Capital: Eissenberg
Major Towns: None
Resources: Timber
Population: 100,000 (80% Human, 10% Half-Orc, 10% Mixed)
Languages:  Common
Common Alignments: Any
Major Religions: Zilchus (LN), Ehlonna (CG), Kord (CG)
Allies: None

The Free towns of Eissenberg are an alliance of small sized villages towns which have banded together for protection against the larger and more wealth states around them. The land in the foot hills of the mountains is poor and the only real export from the area is fighting men, sometimes in regiments and sometimes in smaller numbers. These mercenaries are known for their fierce independence, valour and loyalty to their employer, they usually wield two handed hammers or axes and fight in a tight phalanx.

Eissenberg is the largest town and the seat of the council but in reality it is just another of the towns that form the alliance. The outstanding feature of the town is the massive temple of Zilchus which dominates the centre of the town, its walls cast a shadow over the market square where most of the commerce for the alliance takes place.

The mountains around the Free towns are inhabited by Orcs and Dwarves who look down on the poor people of the alliance, raiding or ignoring them most of the time, with one exception. The town of Hardridge high in the mountains is the home of most of the half-orc population of the area and is hated by both the Orcs and Dwarves, but the fighting prowess of its citizens makes the proposition of destroying it too much of a risk.

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