Lands of Warlderia

Erythnul’s Hill Fort 

This fort has been fought over, damaged and repaired so often that it is impossible to work out who constructed the defences. Located in a key strategic position that dominates the surrounding area it has changed hands numerous times, but never peacefully. All the Higher races have fought over it at one time or another with Kaegor’s army ending up storming its walls twice as an enemy recaptured it in an attempt to cut off his supply route. Erythnul’s Hill Fort does not have the most imposing defences, but on three sides the slopes up to it are protected by scree of loose rock. This makes it hard to catch the garrison unawares and has often slowed down attackers enough to allow defenders to break up attempts at storming its walls. It has had numerous different names and in the end people gave it the nickname of “Erythnul’s Hill Fort” in acknowledgement of it chaotic history of conflict and massacre. This nickname has stuck with it now being given this name on maps.  

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