Lands of Warlderia

The Ducal Scouts

The Ducal Scouts were a force of frontiersmen raised by the late Duke Rocco to patrol the border of Everwatch and Harmonias. The Scouts were made up of mixed bloods, half-breeds and rough and ready rascals used to living on the boundaries of Everwatch and the humanoid lands. Fieldcraft, stealth and observation were always valued over rigid military discipline and foolhardy courage. Several hundred strong they were stationed along the border and frequently spread in to the humanoid lands where they often laid ambushes and fought running battles with the orcs and their allies.   A rough and ready band that, in the words of the late Duke, “Took the war back to those that would make war on us.”  No questions were asked about a recruit’s past and as long as they behaved within the Duchy of Everwatch they were not overly bothered. Many were indeed ‘poachers turned game keepers’ and one of the few cast iron rules was that no blood feuds were carried over in to the Scouts. They knew the border lands well and in many cases were even the raiders that came across it. Any deserters re-captured by the Scouts were always executed, so few joined them lightly though also more than a few joined from commuted death sentences.  

They relied heavily on ranged weapons backed by sword and spear. Duke Rocco called them his best skirmish troops and also the least to be trusted with his purse. Indeed they had a reputation for looting from the humanoids they killed which is unsurprising given the number of rogues within the ranks along with fighters and rangers.  They were accepted by the other ducal troops and even respected for their scout skills but never really loved nor wholly trusted. The Knights Heroic of the Heironeous Temple particularly despised them for their unchivalric and underhand tactics. The head of the Scouts was ‘Widowblade’ Naldesh, an alleged worshipper of wickedness and gifted unconventional war leader.   After the death of Duke Rocco and the fall of Castle Everwatch, where many indeed died, the Scouts had been scattered and ceased to be an organised force. Lady Katalin reformed the unit under Krayvan Sankari (Pronounced: Craven Sank-our-ee) a capable Half-Hobgoblin Captain and half-brother of Mulabarsh, the then leader of the Kal-Varzt Hobgolin clan. They shared the same father Geznem, who had a sordid taste for human females. Geznem had over twenty offspring, that he acknowledged, and undoubtedly many more he did not.

For a while Krayvan Sankari was even made chieftain of the Kal-Varzt but was betrayed by his clan followers and barely escaped with his life. The Kal-Varzt Hobgolins later abandoned their fortress of Fal’n’fort (Telchion) when Rufus Renfrew and his mercenaries marched on the keep. They fled south to Harmonias and joined the ranks of the humanoids only to be defeated again.

When Margrave Quellin of Harmonias ordered the Hextor led slaughter of all with humanoid blood within his lands many half-bloods fled north while most full bloods fled south. A number have offered their services to the Ducal Scouts and those that are strong of arm and fit of mind with a ‘decent enough’ character are accepted in to the ranks. Thus a second company of Ducal Scouts has been formed.


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