Lands of Warlderia

Katalin Vadild, Duchess of Everwatch

Her beloved father Duke Rocco died with all of her family at the sack of Castle Everwatch. Lady Katalin was away studying at the university city of Aeden where he was completing her classical and somewhat eclectic education.

As the youngest daughter Katalin was always indulged by her father, especially after her mother died. Katalin was but five years old when Duchess Anuska died giving birth to her twin sons, Tibor & Istvan. With an elder brother, Kristof, and sister, Sárika, there were never any great pressures on Katalin.

Katalin returned to Everwatch where she held the remains of the Duchy together through her own cunning and force of will. She was an unlikely figure to rally the remnants of the Everwatch forces but she did and under her direction the border held. Her non-conformist approach has had her commandeering Divine Marines and even paying tribute to orcish tribes and forming alliances with hobgoblins. She had to await the official approval of her succession to her father’s position.

She has used diplomacy and charm to bring the faiths of Heironeous and Pelor to intervene directly on to her side and blatant self-interest to win over Zilchus to back her financially. Her backing of heroic bands has been criticised by opponents but has been overall successful with the Volingdorf rebellion resolved by the intervention of adventurers and the treaty with the Kal-Varzt Hobgolin clan maintained with heroic aid as well.

Katalin is now also the focus of several amorous suitors including Lazlo Amarii, Hyatt af Staller, Sir Jocund (of Aelfshaw) and, allegedly, Aeron Maelfasan. She is also on good terms with Abbot Bysel of Glory Field Abbey and her own knights and retainers. The Duchess seems more at home with men and appears uncomfortable in the presence of glamorous and alluring women.

Katalin Vadild will be twenty one years of age just after mid-summer. She is tall and slim with long raven black hair, a clear complexion and piercing green eyes. She is very bright, unusually wise for her years and can be charismatic but is also well known for being quite clumsy at times. Katalin is well read on a wide range of matters, speaks competent court Elven and actually quite good Draconic.

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