Lands of Warlderia

The Knights Ducal of Everwatch

The Ducal Knights of Everwatch were founded a mere thirty two years ago and are a young order by the standards of both the Divine and Old Empires. The Order is not as prestigious as other orders, such as the Knights of the Rose, and is neither fashionable nor filled with cultured men of refined tastes. It has a reputation as a brutal fighting institution whose ranks consists of capable and courageous men & women dedicated to defending the Duchy from the humanoids hordes across the ill defined border. It is well known that few Knights Ducal die in their beds.

The founding of the Ducal Knights was the result of one major event; the invasion of the bordering province of Harmonas by humanoids from the underdark. Everwatch had once indeed been a border province but this was long ago and it was now a sleepy western Duchy with few solders and their like.

The then Duke rallied his forces and fought with the Divine Legions to repel and the retake the lost lands. Sadly for Everwatch the opportunistic Old Empire launched and assault on the island province of Ipranius which diverted both attention and resources from the reconquest of Harmonas.

The Duke was left with a violently hostile border and meagre resources to guard it. He founded the Knights Ducal to reward and attract capable folk to his banner. From the founding of the order men and women of all backgrounds were initiated based purely on their integrity and their merit.

For over thirty years the Ducal Knights tirelessly guarded the border. Sadly this very spring the humanoids used subterfuge and even, it is said, plain treachery to storm the defences and sack Castle Everwatch. The majority of the Knights Ducal died with their Duke. It was a Pyrrhic victory for the orcs who suffered awful casualties but it also shattered the ducal defences. Only two Knights Ducal were left alive and Lady Katalin wishes to make the Knights Ducal the force they once were again. 

The Knights Ducal do not have to be of noble birth nor are they encouraged to indulge their own pride and pursuit of personal honour. They do not have to meet common conceptions of knights as mounted warriors and are encouraged to succeed through thought and tactics as much as brawn. Where as other famous orders discourage stratagems, such as ambush and feigned flight, they are considered fair against a foul foe. 


The Knights Ducal requirements are for any non-evil aligned individual of respectable character that agrees to uphold and follow the code of conduct and take the oath of allegiance to the Duke and Duchy of Everwatch. 

They must be proven and capable in combat and sponsored by a knight or noble of the Duchy. They must be a vassal of the Duke of Everwatch or intend to become so on receiving Knighthood and to keep their main home with the area.

When serving in the Duchy the Knights of Everwatch traditionally wear a quartered red and blue surcoat and carry a quartered shield with the red diamond of Everwatch upon it in the upper right and lower left quarters and their own coat of arms or emblem in the remaining quarters. 

The Oath of Allegiance

“I <insert name> swear by <insert deities> allegiance, loyalty and fealty to the legitimate rulers of the Duchy of Everwatch. I swear that I will fully adhere to the Knight Ducal code which I fully understand and accept in full form.

I swear that I will be obedient and follow the instructions of the Duke of Everwatch and to their legitimately appointed officials and officers.

I swear that I will strive to defend the weak, oppose evil and behave in a manner befitting of a Knight.

All this I swear by <insert deities> and by my personal word and honour. Should I break this oath I will be judged by the Duke and will accept their punishment up to and including death, so help me <insert deities>.”

Code of Conduct:

1. Loyalty in deed, word and thought to the Duchy of Everwatch, her legitimately appointed ruler, fellow citizens and honoured allies.

2. Obedience and fealty to the Duchy of Everwatch and to her legitimately appointed ruler.

3. Brotherhood and assistance to fellow Knights whereby all aid shall be given if called upon or required including defence of their name, being and property.

4. Protection for the weak, defenceless, helpless, and fight evil for the general welfare of all.

5. Act in a fair and honest manner to bring shame on neither thyself, fellow knights or the Duchy of Everwatch and her rulers.

6. Do not commit or aid the committing acts of an evil nature by your action or inaction.

7. Courtesy to the followers of faiths and religions of a non-evil manner unless the faith is declared an enemy of or banished from the Duchy of Everwatch.

Benefits and Powers:

1. All Ducal Knights receive arms & armour and food & lodgings.

2. They will also receive a scroll with their grant of Knighthood conferred upon it along with an enamelled cloak clasp with the emblem of Everwatch upon it.

3. They may command in the forces of the Duchy.

4. They may administer Justice in the name of the Duke.

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