Lands of Warlderia

March of Harmonias

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Proper Name:

March of Harmonias


Baron Jasper af Staller (appointed by Duchess Katalin of Everwatch)


Military (controlled by Duchy of Everwatch)


Harmonias (Galgortha)

Major Towns:           

Maidenvale, Woodchase




Galgortha area - 28,800 (55% urban)~ 98% human, 2% Other 


Common & Orcish

Common Align:


Major Religions:

Pelor (NG), Zilchus (LN), Heironeous (LG)


Barony of Maelfsan


Humanoids, Underdark & House Chapray

  figures for human controlled area only.

Harmonias in a province split between the human controlled north and the humanoid ruled south east. It is a potentially wealthy region but one riven by warfare and racial strife. At present a tenuous truce exists along a poorly defined border which covers some of the most mineral rich areas in the Lands. Constant incursions from human prospectors and humanoid raiders fray at the peace which continually buckles but appears, to at least for now, to hold.


Harmonias was the main humanoid state in Western Warlderia before the Higher Wars. It had a prosperous if savage existence up to the time of Kaegor who’s Generals led by Lord Bravlin conquered the land driving the orcs and their ilk deep underground. House Bravlin ruled the wealthy province of Harmonias through the mad Emperor period up until 329 I.Y. when a horde of creatures from the underdark poured forth overwhelming the province and its people. At this time the Old Empire launched an assault on the island province of Ipranius which diverted both attention and resources from the reconquest of Harmonas.

The Duchy of Everwatch to the north established a border with Fallen Harmonias and matters settled down in to a long stalemate. In spring of this year, 32 years later, the Harmonias humanoids sacked Castle Everwatch and looked set to overrun the whole northern duchy.  Under the leadership of Duchess Katalin of Everwatch the humanoid host was shattered and driven back in to its own lands in a dramatic reversal of fate. The Council of Chieftains that had ruled splintered and dissent spread.

From the Divine Empire a legion attempted to capture Galgortha but was driven off at the Battle of Shag’ra. The last heir to the Bravlin line, Lady Arabella Mauberry was captured and only just rescued by the Firebrand adventurers. At this time Galgortha was controlled by the Uthabar Orogs and their allies Eastern human Mercenaries who invited one of the Firebrand heroes to become the High King of the humanoids and the Margrave of Harmonicas provided they marry Lady Arabella. Though both Sadhaka Hakesh and Sir Wulfram Amali volunteered to wed Arabella it was the monk Quellin who took the High King mantle. He was soon to wed Lady Arabella and gain control of Galgortha and its resources.

Recently King Quellin orders his humanoid army south to subdue the Orcs, goblins and Gnolls that refused to accept his rule. The next day Sir Tristram and his Hextor worshipping followers turned on all the remaining humanoids in Galgortha. Anyone of any humanoid blood was killed, the bulk of which are females and children. Thousands were hunted down and slaughtered with some half-bloods even fleeing to Everwatch.

Then Quellin declared for humanity and crusader units in Everwatch entered the province to join him along with the Maelfasan Brigade. The Church of Heironeous withdrew support from Quellin due to presence of Hextor followers. The returning vengeful humanoid troops were then defeated by 4th Divine Legion at Shag’ra under Wulfram Amali. Quellin was now secure in Galgortha with crusader and Maelfsan volunteers.

Sadly matters rapidly changed as Margravine Arabella apparently schemed behind the scenes to cause friction between Quellin and the heroes of Everwatch to lead to a schism with Quellin resigning and leaving. Arabella then offered concessions to the heroes and Duchess Katalin only to renege on all of them after they had left. She re-employed the Hextorite mercenaries, continued to massacre all with a touch of humanoid blood and expelled the church of Pelor. With a Hextor led state on her border and supported by the Church of Heironeous, the Duchess of Everwatch declared war and invaded. Arabella’s tactical victory at the 2nd Battle of Galgortha drove the Everwatch forces back over the border and stabilized her position. However her death in a failed meeting with the Underdark leaders changed matters.

After another Everwatch- Harmonias battle, south of Nyrlin's Folly, Duchess Katalin  was finally victorious and captured Galgortha. She has appointed her general Baron Jasper af Staller as provincial governor and arranged for other northern ruined settlements to start to be rebuilt. 

A fragile truce exists with the humanoids to the south who have surrender at least some of their human slaves to the Duchess. She is in turn settling thme in the north of the province with aid from the Church of Pelor and financing from the Temple of Zilchus.


Harmonia (Galgortha) (Small City): Alignment: LN, Population: 8,400 (99% human). Authority figure:  Baron Jasper af Staller (human male, fighter).

Harmonia is the old provincial capital and was once an impressive city of grace and beauty that has long since fallen in to disrepair since its sacking and capture by humanoids over thirty years ago. When dominated by the Orcs and then Uthabar Orogs it was called Galgortha but recently was captured by the Duchy of Everwatch and reverted back to its old Harmonia name.  For a brief period it was controlled by Margravine Arabella  backed by Hextor mercenaries but her death and their defeat to the Duchy of Everwatch has led to its current governor, Baron Jasper af Staller, being appointed to rebuild the city.

The Baron has introduced a strict no nonsense policy to administering the city with the formation of an active and honest city watch and magistrates. This has stamped out much of the endemic corruption that plagued Harmonia but also caused a degree of unrest as the populace adjusted to the new rule of law. In turn the Baron has been not hesitated to keep order using the sizeable Everwatch garrison to quell unrest; over a hundred rioters were imprisoned and sentenced to hard labour for their criminal actions. Though a sizeable criminal underworld still exists the Watch maintains order and the economy of Harmonia is in turn growing. It is becoming more and more like a normal city and the bulk of the populace fear a return to the random violence and rampant corruption of the past.

Along with the imposition of the rule of law major efforts to rebuild the city and to assist the populace are taking place. The Church of Pelor  has established a temple and numerous shrines from which aid and assistance is freely given while Celrics of Bralm continue to aid and guide construction and rebuilding. A temple to the war god Heironeous has been established and plans are developing to found a chapter of Knights.  

To the north and east of Galgortha are the reliquum fields that are a valuable magical resource.

(More information on reliquum)

Maidenvale (Shag’ra) (Small Town): Alignment: TN, Population: 1,000 (99% human). Authority figure:  Sir Huwel af Morriss (human male, fighter).

Maidenvale was a prosperous market town to the north east of Harmonia till it was overrun by humanoids. It was then left largely abandoned for the next thirty years till it recently, as Shag’ra, was the new home of the Kal-Varzt Hobgoblnis after they were evicted from Telchion (Fal’Nfort). Over 2,000 warriors and additional dependants lived there and the ruined town was fortified till they were defeated and destroyed in battle. It has now been occupied by Everwatch forces under Ducal knight  Sir Huwel af Morriss who, backed by mercenaries, is assisting 1,000 ex-slaves in rebuilding and garrisoning Maidenvale.    

Just outside of  Maidenvale  is a ruined temple of the evil god of slaughter and conflict, Hextor.

Vrowbin (Village): Alignment: TN, Population 110 (90% human, 8% half-Orc, 2% other). Authority figure: Edelmir Grausam (human male, trader).

This modest port has recently been founded by the extended Crimson Coaster family of the Ducal Knight Maelara Grausam. There is a small temple to Xerbo the god of business and seafaring, the Bat Inn and a single trading store ran by Edelmir Grausam. A few human and half-Orc ex-slaves have settled here along with the Grausam family. The freed slaves tend the fields while the Coastersfish and tend to their boats. Vrwobin is protected by a wooden stockade on the landward side.

Gloryhome (Small Town): Alignment: TN, Population: 500 (95% human, 4% Dwarven). Authority figure: Osthen Amali (human male, miscellaneous adventurer).

This was a base for the 4th Divine Legion when it was sent to assist in the liberation of Harmonias province for House Lascard. It was in cantonment there while it’s three most senior officers vied for control. When the Legion withdrew it was taken over by Arabella’s forces but then destroyed in a surprise attack by Lord Rufus Renfrew of Telchion.

Osthen Amali and his three sons have now taken over Woodchase and with the alleged full backing of Sir Wulfram, Osthen’s nephew, are planning an ambitious rebuild of the settlement as a port and trading centre. This plan seems well under way. 

Steelrayn (Small Town): Alignment: LN, Population: 1,000 (60% human, 40% Dwarven). Authority figures:  Lady Virago Termagent (human female, wizard) and Mother Trow Restell of Estana (human, female cleric).

Steelrayn was a prosperous fishing port and modest trading centre before the fall of the province to the humanoids. It was the last remaining area that was still controlled by the Council of Chieftains that once ruled most of Harmonias from Galgortha. Their success in sacking Castle Everwatch was soon eclipsed by their repeatedly military defeats at the hand of the forces of the new Duchess and her allies. Deserted by their old allies the remnants of the council retreated to Steelrayn where they awaited the opportunity to regain their power. Sadly, for them, it never came and recently an attack by Istavan Vadild and his House Chapray backers drove them out of the ruined port. After Istavan and House Chapray were defeated by the Necromancer Kaphlyn the port was occupied by Everwatch forces. The port was not a popular posting due to the closeness of the necromancer and had failed to attract any new settlers.

Recently a group of female human ex-slaves, the Sorority of Picayune, and a group of Dwarven ex-slaves have settled in the town. This highly organised and motivated group were all once slaves of Abbathor worshiping evil Dwarves but have banded together to build a home for themselves.  Many of the women are pregnant and the number of half-Dwarves is expected to increase shortly. Steelrayn is a very matriarchal society though one swearing fealty to Everwatch and her duchess. 

The String Forts

To secure the border with the humanoid dominated south east Baron Jasper af Staller has ordered the construction of a chain of defences running from south of Harmonia near the border with Mortesia up to the north east and the Indersta Sea. Bastion faces Mortesia and is not a popular posting while the largest is Bright Redoubt built ten miles to the east of Harmonia on the eastern side of a large field of  reliquum. The redoubt guards the large number of prospectors in the area and  acts as a trading centre. To the far east is Seafort built on the coast and in between is Fasthold.

They are manned by the newly raised  String Fort Rangers, a light infantry unit, formed on the orders of the Baron and tasked to defend the frontier.

Independent Settlements:

Mortesia (supposedly now lost in another plane)

Mortesia is the home of the Necromancer Kaphlyn who rules her undead home reacting badly to any and all who bother her. She claims all the land within a half days walk of her fortress home and is happy to use her various minions to reinforce her claim. Recently an overconfident force led by Tibor Vadild, the rival and brother of Duchess Katalin, attempted to conquer Mortesia but was defeated by Kaphlyn and her undead minions. In reprisal Kaphlyn raised the thousands of humanoid dead buried outside of Harmonia and laid siege to the city. A hasty treaty was brokered between the Necromancer and the Duchy where by her lands are left well alone on pain of invasion. Only after this did the undead army break thier siege and leave.

The arrival of the Fey Lands appears to have moved Mortesia, Necromancer Kaphlyn and the undead horde to another plane of existence. All that remains is the Mort Swamp in the rough location of her undead fortress. Unsurprisingly the loss of Kaphlyn is a great relief to her neighbours who hope the departure is permanent.

Agrabash (Astonwick)

Agrabash is home to the powerful Guardians of Gruumsh, fanatically devout followers of the Orcish god.  They preach holy war against all who do not give their lord god the proper respect. They are allies to the Orcs of Eastward Bay. 

Astonwick was the second city of the province but was thoroughly sacked by the orcish invaders. The old keep was occupied as a temple to Gruumsh and all other religious sites destroyed. There are fewer slaves than might be expected due to the frequent sacrifices to the orc god and the lack of new slaves to acquire from other parts of the province. Still those slaves remain live a particularly miserable existence.


This now destroyed settlement was located at the southern end of the Orc’s Cleft chasm. It was both a port to the west and a cliff top settlement to the east with a mere mile of land separating them. It was home to creatures that wander up from the Underdark and for stragglers from the recently defeated humanoid armies. Wyntern was a warren of a lanes and alleyways which were all in a sad state of disrepair. Recently a magically created earthquake levelled the settlement and collapsed the strip of land flooding the southern part of the Orc's Cleft.  

Stones of Cerne

This is an ancient holy site of the old faith that has endured for centuries. 

Amersoyn (Howedin)

The Gnolls of Amersoyn has extensive slave fields around their tribal camp. Apart from war the Gnolls delegate all work to their females, human and humanoid slaves. They are brutal in crushing any rebellion within their slaves but otherwise leave matters to their lessers. They offer sacrifices to Gruumsh yearly at the blood rock between their settlement and Agrabash to keep the peace even though they profess a love of war.

Howedin was once a prosperous trading port with well renowned shipyards and an excellent harbour. The ruins are not in that bad a condition as the lazy nature of the gnolls prevented them from thoroughly destroying the town.  After it was sacked the gnolls built their encampment over the ruins and set their  new slaves to work in their old fields. 

Eastward Bay

A large and extensive old human settlement now ruled by humanoids. It is a disreputable port and despite its feral rulers the town is used by Blood Isler pirates, Old Empire smugglers and even dubious Successor State merchants. Above all else though, Eastward Bay is a home for slavers who trade in people from all over Harmonias and even beyond.  

Recently some of the more organised orcs have been hiring themselves out as mercenaries and shipping out of the Bay. Nefarious employers have taken advantage of the worsening humanoid position in Harmonias province to hire large numbers of humanoids desperate to escape before the feared impending collapse.  

Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth ( used under General Public License
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