Lands of Warlderia

Stratis (Demi-god)

Title: The Victorious

Symbol: Green gloved fist holding a golden marshal’s baton

Portfolio: War, Strategy, Tactics, Victory

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Worshipers alignment: Any non-Chaotic

Domains:War, Law, Protection, Knowledge - Repose (CD)

Favoured Weapons: Polearm & Cudgel 


Stratis appears as a strong handsome human warrior with four arms wearing gilded plate armour and carrying weaponry. He usually wears green and gold as they are his colours.

He carries the Shield of Stratis with an image of his mother upon it. He commonly wields a black polearm known as the Ebon Glaive and carries a great club called bonebreaker, made from part of the tree of live on Ysgard. He also has his spear, longsword, axe and flail.

Background & History

Stratis is the third son of Stern Alia the demi-goddess of culture, law and motherhood. The identity of his father is unknown but it is rumoured to have been Olidammara, the chaotic god of tricks, humour, wine & rogues, who deceived and seduced her. The fact that Stratis was raised on the outer plane of Ysgard supports this theory but does not prove it. What is certain is that Stratis is diametrically opposed to Olidammara and takes after his mother in many ways.

Stratis was a war god on an unknown plane where it is said he was slain and his body scattered. Heroes launched many a quest to find the relics and make him whole. The leader of the heroes then sacrificed himself and was reborn as Stratis a new demi-god. This occurred less than a century ago and as such the worship of Stratis is neither well known nor widespread but is slowly spreading across thee Lands of Warlderia.


Stratis is a son of Stern Alia and therefore a brother or half-brother of Heironeous and Hextor. There never has been love lost between him and his siblings.

There is particular dislike between him and Kord the chaotic good of sport and brawling. Stratis believes warfare is a profession of discipline and logic while Kord sees it as a sport for the brave and courageous.

Stratis loathes Kyuss, the demi-god of undead whom Stratis hates. This may also be because of actions by Kyuss after the death of Stratis.


The location of Stratis's divine realm is unknown, although he grew to adulthood on the plane of Ysgard.


Stratis was god of war in all of its forms, both just and unjust. He is not distracted by honour and valour nor by slaughter and tyranny. He is a dedicated warrior concerned with the purely professional side of war and above all victory. To him strategy and tactics are as important as individual bravery and skill at arms. Discipline and logic are paramount while foolish recklessness is sneered upon.

 The Domains of Stratis are War, Law and Protection: the latter two from his mother and the former in common with both his brothers. He also has Knowledge as his domain reflecting that war is a science to study and practice through strategy and tactics.

An optional Domain (if the Complete Divine publication is being used) is that of Repose. The Repose domain is similar to the Death Domain but lacks the evil element to it. This domain was gained by Stratis during his time when he was slain and when he was reborn he came with this knowledge from experience.

The resurrection or raising of the dead back to life is acceptable given the re-birth of Stratis himself. The desecration of the dead, including the creation of undead, is anathema and is to be opposed.


Stratis is a very new and junior deity in Warlderia though his worship is spreading as an alternative the polarised extremes of his brothers’ churches. He appeals to fighters, both the common soldiery and their leaders. He is growing in popularity with mercenaries and within some of the Successor States, Zargoza for example.


Clerics of Stratis commonly wear gilded golden armour and dress in green and gold robes. They carry a cudgel for the direction of the faithful and a polearm for the destruction of the enemy. They tend to be calm and level headed in combat and supportive of their flocks. A major role is the proper burial of the dead with dignity and the support of grieving comrades.

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