Lands of Warlderia

Thanus (Demi-god)

Title: The Loyal Guardian

Symbol: Open Hand

Portfolio: Oaths, loyalty and honesty

Alignment: Lawful Neutral 

Worshipers alignment: Any Lawful

Domains: Law, Protection, Strength 

Favoured Weapons: Spear or Great axe 

Thanus is the son of Heironeous and Daern (LN Godess of Defence and Fortification) and a friend of Mayaheine (Goddess of Justice and Valor). Thanus is always depicted as a young man with one hand open in greeting and the other holding a lightning bolt at his side.

He fights alongside his father against the forces of Choas and Evil protecting him with his life. Thanus has always been suspicious of those like Tritherion and Olidammara who he feels hold no oaths sacred and see loyalty as a flexible trait. Thanus always sided with his father in his battles against evil but could never hope to equal his power he became a devoted follower and ally. He was always seen by the other gods who were less honest as jealous of his father but held out against the greatest blandishments of those fighting for evil. Even when Nerull promised him a suit of armour which would defeat any death, so that he could fight side by side with his father he refused, suspecting a trick.


Thanus sees the world as a place full of evil and chaos, in which only honesty and the respect of oaths can hold civilisation together. Thanus is supposed to be a great friend to his worshippers but unrelenting to those who break his precepts. Thanus’s other titles are the avenger of dishonesty, upholder of truth and sanctifier of oaths. He is associated with protecting marriage, hospitality and those swearing oaths to feudal superiors or countries.


The faith of Thanus is not widely practiced with his few temples restricted to the Divine Empire and the Successor States. The followers of Thanus are supposed to be honest and loyal above all things, his clerics preach that if we all tried to follow their gods will the world would not only be a better place but safer. Whilst most of his followers tend towards good actions, they forgive others they believe have been trapped into evil actions due to oaths and loyalty.


Temples of Thanus are simply built but defensible with the central alter open to the sky so that the gods can see the oaths taken and no subterfuge can take place. The only large temple is in Lyand in the Divine Empire and it is also one of the oldest.


The priests of Thanus do not travel widely after they find a home but the newer priests are encouraged to find a home away from the temple of thier training. They tend to become closely attached to their congregation and are often arbiters of disputes in the areas around the temples. His priests are not always warlike but those who are prefer to wield spears. The priests of Thanus are commonly called on to witness weddings and the swearing of oaths.


Followers of Thanus are: House Amali of Lyand

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