Lands of Warlderia

Üden (Demi-god)

Title: The Defender of the Just 

Symbol: Silver raven

Portfolio: Wisdom and War

Alignment: Neutral Good 

Worshipers alignment: Any non-Evil

Domains: War, Magic, Animal, Good

Favoured Weapons: Longsword & Axe

Üden is the son of the god Kord and a mortal noble woman of the Blood Isles. Üden carries out many an epic task and journey before becoming a hero-deity. In his trials he masters animals and magic. He then proves himself as a war leader, gaining the war domain, and becomesdefender of the just.


Üden appears as a tall and broad warrior with a blonde hair and a weathered complexion. He wears animal skins and a large silver grey wolf skin cloak. He has a silver raven, called icewing, with him and he carries a longsword and axe.

Background & History

Üden is the son of the god Kord and a noblewoman from the Blood Isles with whom he had a dalliance. Raised on the Blood Isles Üden showed his greatness from an early age before becoming an adventurer and carrying out many an epic quest. He was then noticed and acknowledged by his father Kord who took him to Ysgard and trained with as a godling.

Üden found his father hard to deal with due to Kord’s boisterous nature and constant competitiveness. He set out on his own heroic trials where he experienced and learnt much by listening and learning. From the goddess Ehlonna of the Forests he learnt of the animal domain and found her goodness pleasing. He even spent time with his father’s enemy the goddess Wee Jas from whom he learnt magic, though her love of death and tendency towards evil drove him away in time.

He then returned to his father and became his loyal son and took to war in defence of the just. Content to live in his father’s shadow the worship of Üden is not well known outside of the Blood Isles and Crimson Coast. 


Üden is the son of Kord and has many of his father’s friends and enemies though he is on fair terms with the goddess Wee Jas and on good terms with the goddess Ehlonna.

Vatun the CN god of cold, winter, and beasts is a rival of Üden as both share the animal domain and both are worshipped amongst the Blood Isles and Crimson Coast.


Üden lives on his father’s plane of Ysgard.


Üden is the defender of the Just and a hero in his own right. He acts to promote good and uses his knowledge of magic and animals for the benefit of all. He is wise and always acts accordingly lacking his father’s temper and chaotic nature.

His followers must act for good and be brave and wise in their actions.


He is followed by Blood Islers and Crimson Coasters who are brave and wish to defend their friends and families. 


Clerics of Üden wear silver chainmail and carry a longsword and axe. They wear wolf skin cloaks and furs. They often travel the lands fighting against evil and cruelty.

Art used under Open Gaming or General Public Licenses

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