Lands of Warlderia

Vandria Gilmadrith

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Power: Intermediate deity

Title: Steelheart, Lady of Grief

Symbol: A weeping eye on a red shield

Portfolio: War, guardianship, justice, grief, vigilance & decision

Alignment: Lawful Neutral 

Worshipers alignment: Non-Evil

Domains: Law, Protection, War 

Favoured Weapons: Longbow 

Vandria Gilmadrith is the Elven goddess of war, justice, and grief. She is a daughter of Corellon Larethian and is unique among the Elven gods as being the only lawfully aligned deity. For this reason during times of peace she usually has fewer followers however when the Elves go to war en masse they turn to her for help and guidance.

The exception to this is the Elves of Edhel-Duntolas who all hold her in high regard as their patron deity. Her High Temple in Resplendent Dunostia is her largest in the Lands of Warlderia and is an impressive site.


Vandria appears as a middle aged Elven woman with her white haired tied back in a severe braid. She bears a sorrowful expression of grim and sorrowful resignation. A pair of feathered, steel grey wings sprouts from her back and an ornate silver helm is upon her head. She wears Elven chain that gleams with a radiant light and she wields a longbow and a greatsword in combat.


Vandria Gilmadrith is an Elven goddess and apart from a few Half-Elves is worshipped exclusively by Elves. In times of peace she has few dedicated followers save for the Elves of Edhel-Duntolas but in times of war many turn to her.


With the exception of the High Temple in Resplendent Dunostia the worship places to Vandria are usually hidden fortresses whose locations are known only to her worshipers and clergy. Situated in defensible caves, beneath huge trees, or in hidden vales, Vandria's temples are stocked with weapons and supplies so that they can double as last retreats for the entire community. A few of her shrines are little more than simple tree houses situated at key vantage points so that her clerics can spot trouble on the horizon.


Clerics of Vandria Gilmadrith begin their training by serving in the watch, sitting with elders while they hear disputes, learning about the traditional enemies of the Elves, and serving as singers at funerals. As they advance, they may lead watch patrols, serve as seconds for aggrieved parties bringing cases before the elders, help to shore up a community's defenses, and assist the master of arms in training young Elves with weaponry. When war threatens, clerics of Vandria help the ruler form alliances and plan strategy. They also instruct Elven warriors in close combat techniques. As they are prone to telling warriors who tend toward too much independence on the battlefield, "A wave of arrows is better than a lot of single bowshots." After a battle, clerics of Vandria retrieve the dead from the battlefield.

Source: Races of the Wild, Wizards of the Coast 2005 

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