Lands of Warlderia

Hallward’s Palace 

This place is famous throughout the lands due to being a Gnomish palace. To most races it is the size of a large manor house, but at a distance it looks like a palace. The building itself is built for people the size of Gnomes so most races have difficulties seeing the interior. The palace was built by Hallward the Illusionist, a famous Gnomish adventurer from over 1000 years ago. It is a splendid work of art with domed towers, arches and decorative stonework which are all admired completed by expert craftsmen. Although Hallward had a longer name in Gnomish tradition few remember it.

Hallward’s Palace has always been inhabited by Gnomes, their pets and a few Halflings since it was built. It is on a hill surrounded by woods and marshes with a single winding road going to it without any obvious defences. Although raiders have passed this way none have successfully reached the palace. The raiders tell stories of being beset by illusions leading them astray, into bogs, traps, around in circles, or in to beast’s lairs. It has becoming rarer for anybody to try Whenever people visit they are introduced to an old Gnome called Skallagrim. Most feel it must now be a title that is passed on to scare away raider, but none are sure. There are rumours that it might be the original Hallvard whose life has been extended beyond the normal Gnomish span by some magic found in his travels. The most persistent rumours are that the Palace is now a college for Gnomish wizards.

Those in the palace have never offered fealty to any rulers and have never paid taxes. Regardless of this they have made themselves a useful resource for the local rulers. This has mainly been by acting as information merchants providing information and council in difficult times. Whether the information is bought, provided by other Gnomes and Halfling, or is obtained by magical means matters to no one. The main thing is that even on the rare occasions they can’t provide the answer they can always point you in the right direction to obtain the solution.  

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