Lands of Warlderia

South Eastern Helltenen

The south east coast of Helltenen is a fertile strip of coast line colonised by the Successor states from the south. Along this coast hardy colonists have created a home away from the Old World to the south, free to a large extent from the rule of the dukes and princes they have thrived and hold their independence dear. None of the settlements is older than 80 or 90 years and when the first settlers came to the coast they found it largely deserted with the few people living there fleeing at the sight of their ships. Trade is the lifeblood of these colonies, exotic wares from the semi-mythical empire beyond the mountains to the north and the reclusive Dwarven and Elven principalities nestled in the foot hills is the base for this trade. To the west is the boisterous town of Golathin, running east the free colony of Carstor, then the great river and the largest town on the coast Nethorar. To the north of this fertile stretch of coast is the desert split by the great river, there are hundreds of miles of desolate sand and rock, the inhabitants both lizard men and humans eak out a hard existence in this inhospitable region. When the Higher Races came to Warlderia they ignored this area so the local inhabitants cling to their ancient gods along with the newer gods brought across the sea by the colonists.

The banks of the Great River are strewn with ruins of old towns and cities which have failed for one reason or another until it reaches the falls to the north. Most of these settlements are empty at the moment but a few are inhabited by humanoids and less savoury creatures and the largest is avoided by most as people who stay overnight never come back. There are two ancient structures which are now in use, Desert Watch and Castle Damalla, both are made in the same fashion, stark on the outside but with finely decorated stone on the inside.

The coast region is fragmented but more familiar to travellers from the south but even here there are strange ruins and abandoned temples to unfamiliar gods.

A Brief History of South East Heltennen

Little is known about the very early civilisations of this part of the world, humans and Lizardmen seem to have competed for the more fertile parts of land. Sometime about 750 years PK a migration of humans from the north seems to have pushed the Lizardmen out of the river valley into the desert. The prevalent language of the peoples of the desert is Hurrian.

Year -650        The arrival of the northern tribes pushing the Lizardmen into the desert and founding the settlements of Ugarit and Karia. These settlement became the trade centre of the region and power came with wealth so they extended their rule further south to found the settlement of Malatia.

Year -460       A group of Serpent like beings came over the mountains, uniting the groups of Lizardmen into one confederation and gradually conquering the humans along the river and on the coast. This new empire lasts for 200 years with the humans as lesser subjects or slaves until a revolt is led by Halvad from what is now Sweet Water Hold. Halvad defeats the Lizardmen in a battle athe start of his revolt and the settlements along the western mountains join him. The wars rage for 50 years before the Serpent men are defeated and most of them killed, the Lizardmen retreat into the deep desert and the humans reclaim their lands.

Year -200        A city is founded in the name of Halvad a year after his death to rule the new human kingdom, it takes almost 70 years to complete.

Year -120        Another wave of people cross the northern mountains conquering the northern towns and finally the city of Ugarit, the war between Ugarit and Halvad starts. The Western Kingdoms of Akkad and Lagash breakaway from the southern kingdom. Eventually the war grinds to a close and peace is agreed.

Year -100       The peace of Ugarit is signed and the two kingdoms stop open warfare.

Year -55         The Lizardmen unite under the leadership of their Serpent God and invade the settlements along the great river. After 5 years of desperate war the Lizardmen are defeated and retreat to the desert again.

Year -5           Orcs and Dwarves move into the northern mountains in secret and suddenly invade the northern kingdom. The two human kingdoms grudgingly unite to fight the invaders and eventually halt them to the south of Ninevah.

Year 100        The king of Halvad Isin III dies without an heir and the kingdom is plunged into civil war between his daughter Arsinone and his son Larsa. Larsa eventually wins the war but his sister holds on to Malatia and Kanesh, forming a small independent kingdom.

Year 200         The Lizardmen’s Serpent God reappears and they invade again, this time it takes 12 years to throw them back into the desert. A major invasion of the Lizardmen holds fails causing massive numbers of dead on the human side, most through disease or thirst.

Year 245         An Elven Fleet invades starting with a surprise attack on Malata, the southern kingdom is unprepared and settlement after settlement falls along the great river. There is a battle outside the city of Ugarit in which the Elves defeat the remaining forces of the southern kingdom and their northern allies, Ugarit is sacked like the other cities and the elves more north to found the kingdom of Anfauglond leaving the remains of the two kingdoms fleeing into the desert. The Lizardmen attack the coastal towns destroying them before returning to the desert.

Year 290        The first settlers from the south arrive at the mouth of the great river founding Nethorar, other settlers soon follow and the coast become settled once more.         

Year 297        Captains from Spadoria land at the ruins of Hattusa and settle, they soon come in contact with other settlers and sporadic fighting takes place.

Year 300        Settlers from Zingst arrive on the coast and settle between Golathin and Nethorar they are soon joined by other people from the south and settle another ruined town and call it Carstor.

Year 311        The towns of the coast are filled with refugees from the wars to the south and the population almost doubles. This is when the settlers first come in contact with the desert clans.

Year 313        Desert Watch is occupied and the order formed.

Years 356       Princess Lokalanni is exiled from Kaldar and moves into the abandoned strong hold of Kanesch renaming it Castle Damalla, with her she brought her personal household and knights.      

Year 362         Adventurers loot the ziggurat to the north of Castle Damalla and the later that year occupy Haunted Wells.

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