Lands of Warlderia

The History of the Old Empire

East Warlderia was spared much of the earlier Wars of Kaegor the Great. It was only after the Peace of Melthurien that the rebellious humans spread to the East.

The human General Pamarian landed on the peninsula that would later be the site of grim fortress of Tervingard. It was a bold move as Elves were masters of the sea and the Armies of Man always travelled by land till this point. The Dwarves of the Eastern Mountains would have fallen on any land column and rather than try to fight through the naval gamble was taken. Pamarian’s fleet on barges, galleys and cogs succeeded because it was so unconventional and illogical that it was not envisioned by the Elves.

He marched north with his small force attracting human followers and fighting small battles with unprepared enemies. He fell open the unaware Elves of Gleaming Tovaj, now True Kaegoria and burnt their fleet at anchor. The Elves rained magical fire upon his force and drove it way but their mastery of the Indersta Sea was ended. More men came by ship and joined the ranks of Pamarian and he fought a viscous and ignoble war against his enemies. The Forest of Bowden was put to the torch and the Glens of Serenity hacked and burnt.

In a dozen years he drove the Elves back in to Gleaming Tovaj and north to Lamure and blunted a Dwarven assault at Polymera. In an act of equal barbarism the Fey Sage-Wizard Mav Id’Erian called down a ‘tear from heaven’ to smash the vulgar upstarts. It fell to earth near the ruins of Bowden where it split the earth and turned day in to dusk with a cloud that killed Man in his thousands. Resilient, or callous, Pamarian rallied his remaining men and struck at the beautiful Elven City.

“It was not merely that they sacked and looted but that they did and could not appreciate that which they destroyed. Like a vulture feeding on the corpse of a gifted poet, their sacrilege was beyond their comprehension.”

                                                                                                                                                                          The Ghost of Tovaj

The sack of Tovaj was the end of the War in the South East. The very air was foul and the fields withering. Both Man and Elf were sick and weary; too tired to carry on. Pamarian marched north to build the keep at Udrakadesh where he finally died upon his 40th birthday.

Kaegor himself arrived in the ruins of Tovaj by land having freed the lands south of the Dwarven Mountains. He commissioned the fortress of Tervingard to command the Straits of Hope and then went back to his new capital never to return.

For a decade and more the lands lay fallow till the strong sea winds from the east had blown the poisons away. Man settled the lands now free from ash and poison. They built the city of Pamarian over the ruins of Tovaj and spread out and settled.

So matters remained till the great collapse of the Kaegorian Empire. Till the deprivations in the West drove the East to split in to the successor states with the exception of the loyalists that would become the True Empire.

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