Lands of Warlderia

Hralfan’s Rockery 

Hralfan was a Storm Giant of some distinction who loved gardening and wanted a quite comfortable area to rest at the end of a hard day’s work tilling his land. He spent several years shaping the contours of Gunbar Crag into a series of tiers and then went to work making it into a lovely garden rockery. Hralfan created a small lake with some giant sized stone benches and created beds for flowers and trees. He then cleared all creatures who might despoil it from the area before artfully creating a couple of waterfalls coming down from the lake.

Over the years he continued to improve it and after 150 years it became a wonder to behold. From 5 miles away it looks like a lovely small rockery which makes it very disconcerting as you have to keep reminding yourself of the scale. What looks like a small bush will actually be a copse of large oak trees. The benches are 10 feet from ground to seat and what looks like a small patch of flowers will turn out to be an acre of immaculately cared for flowers.
Although Hralfan is long dead his family still look after the garden making the trip to it once a year to tend the rockery.  They are also known to occasionally use it as quiet place to relax and contemplate the world, or to practice a new tune ready for their next gathering.

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