Lands of Warlderia

Lost Lamura & Majestic Olverias

It is very rare but occasionally there are internal splits between the Higher Races. One such took place between the Wood Elves of Lamura and the Sea Elves of the Fey Isle. They had been united under a common senate for decades but finally split with the Wood Elves appointing their own Prince. The Sea Elves controlled the port of Majestic Olverias and sought to blockade the Wood Elves but the Mountain Dwarves even intervened to supply the Wood Elves themselves.

A Sea Elf Army landed at Majestic Olverias and marched upon the woods. Seizing upon this split the cunning Old Empire General Vesterland, offered to assist the Wood Elves. Falling upon the Sea elves baggage train, the gilded glaives of the Fists of Hextor wreaked havoc while the Knights of Kaegor charged and routed the Sea Elf rearguard.

Vesterland took his army to the very gates of Majestic Olverias, even after the Wood Elves had a change of heart and left the alliance. This was the last great Elf City to fall to Man and the last time the Higher Races acted as allies. The Sea Elves abandoned their beloved city and retreated across the sea to their isle. Only their human servants and non-elven residents remained to fight. It was a bloody pyrrhic victory for the Old Empire made worse by the destruction of the returning column by Wood Elves. Vesterland himself narrowly escaped but his booty laden and complacent army was routed.

Since then Lamura has been a wild place. Few live in the ruins of the once great city. Worst still Orcish raiders now plague the north coast. They skirt the Dwarven lands and shun the Fey Isle but are now infesting the north shore. The Wood elves are too weak to route them and the Old Empire will not intervene in the area.

Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth ( used under General Public License

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