Lands of Warlderia

Logjam the Aerial Town 

The first sight that greets anyone entering Dekhelstone Valley is a large mess of wood floating in the sky. Some of it seems to be in the shapes of building while other parts just look like logs. The individual parts seem to be moving and bumping into each other. Those with excellent eyesight can see small figures moving across the logs between buildings. The only sight it can be compared to is a logjam in a river, with tree trucks bobbing and bumping about. From this it took no time for it to be nicknamed the Logjam Aerial Town.

Below the town the valley is a patchwork of farms, with a number of quarries along the edges of the valley. All these are worked by slaves captured or bought by the townsfolk. All the slaves have had their tongues cut out to stop them talking to outsiders. The overseers all carry whistles which they use to direct the slaves or call for assistance if there are any threats in the area.

The history and reason for the town is odd in many ways starting with those who created it. From the little contact people have had with the inhabitants they appear Dwarven, but act in a manner totally different from others of that race with any Dwarves who approach them being attacked on sight. They always wear helmets or masks that hide their faces and are renowned for being cruel, sadistic and unpredictable. Unlike other Dwarves they also value spells and magic more than precious metals.
The town is known to produce the lightest weapons and armour, all of which is at least of masterwork quality. The style is unlike standard Dwarven manufacture with flourishes that are considered gaudy by other dwarves. If it wasn’t for the quality of this merchandise none would trade with them as any negotiations are done so at the risk of your life.  The inhabitants are as likely to kill or enslave any careless merchant taking all the goods without paying. It is common knowledge that the town has a standard contract with criminal elements in the neighbouring cities and towns to keep its secrets. Any who talk too much about the town or its inhabitants can count themselves lucky if they are still alive a week later.  

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