Lands of Warlderia


Official Name: Hierarchy of Ludoc 
Ruler: Dendron Barason 
Government:         Tyranny
Capital: Ludoc
Major Towns: Auchon & Stentel
Resources: Trade, Fruit
Population: 85,000 (90% Human, 10% Mixed)
Languages:  Common
Common Alignments: Any
Major Religions: Zilchus (LN), Kurrell (CN)
Allies: None

The Hierarchy of Ludoc is one of the newest cities in the Successor States built after Kaegor liberated the area, by the local farmers and traders to bring their wares to the people of the Empire. The city has a garden feel to it with wide tree lined boulevards and gardens spread throughout the city. The Counts Palace is set in the largest of these gardens and for hundreds of years was considered one of the most beautiful places to visit on the eastern continent. Though not a major settlement it soon found itself at odds with Zargoza to the south and a rivalry for trade and land grew. The stability of the Empire made any direct conflict impossible but when the Empire fractured the two cities fought over the town of Primell, Ludoc had the best of the exchange and held the city but as the other cities forced their freedom the conflict continued. 80 years ago Zargoza finally defeated the armies of Ludoc outside Primell and took the city causing great hurt to the city of Ludoc and killing their Count. In the city itself the people rioted against the the Loric family who had taken control of the city about 50 years and forced the family to flee to Leosandria where they had some friends despite the colony being ruled by Zargoza. Into this power vacuum strode Kaeglin Berathan a half elven mage of great power with a noble family to back him, he first unleashed his families warband on the rioters and then blasted the leaders with magic.

The city was in shock but this only spurred Kaeglin on, he met the returning defeated army and persuaded them that the people had rioted against them after their defeat. Instead of helping the people of the city the army moved into the streets and arrested anyone who objected to Kaeglins rule. Kaeglin then had any threat to his rule assassinated, leaving himself in control of the city. This has continued for the last 80 years, with the heavy hand of the army and Kaeglin keeping the peace in the city, with rumours that he is a necromancer adding to the fear. Many of the older noble families have fled the city in fear of their lives, with supporters from the army gaining their lands and position.

The city has changed in the last three decades with the gardens and boulevards being left unkempt and growing wild, the worst is the Palace garden itself which has become overgrown and dark, few go into the garden at night and not all who do return. Rumours of evil spirits and undead abound but no-one has ever seem one and returned to tell the tale. Kaeglin is hardly ever seen by the people now and his only contact is with the officers of his army.

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