Lands of Warlderia

Margatubast, the Sunken City & The Accursed Bayou

Above the Successor States on the Northern coast above the mountains are the remains of Margatubast City. Little is known of those who built and ruled it even by the Higher Races. Around the time of “The Coming of the Others” the city was built at the mouth of the Gurchogol Delta. Although none can be sure it is rumoured that the city was created in a day using magic.

From the beginning all contact between the residents and other races was handled by intermediaries. The port area was open for all to use, but was outside the city walls and overlook by some of its domed towers. Those inside the walls relied on Human and Bully Wug slaves to run the port area with the foremen held under strong enchantments.

With their isolationist policies and location away from valuable ores allowed them to remain neutral during the Higher Wars. When Kaegor the Great’s armies marched across Eastern Warlderia the residents of Margatubast City heard of the events unfolding and freed all their human slaves into the surrounding lands to fend for themselves. With the cities remote location and news spreading of the human slaves being released the Kaegorian armies never marched on the city. The city remained outside the Kaegorian Empire with limited contact in the port area through slaves of other races for close to two hundred years.

When the northern Successor State of Zinkst formed they sought contact with the Helltenen lands to the north. Margatubast City with its good deepwater port was ideally positioned and they negotiated regular use through the intermediaries. It was through this port that they started setting up colonies in the Helltenen lands. Then on one fateful day the city and surrounding lands suddenly subsided, sloping towards the sea. None seem sure whether it was an act of a God, Demon, magic or some monster although there are plenty of rumours. All those in the port area and city appear to have drowned as none were heard from again. With the city mostly under water this area of the coast became unfit for ships. Following the flooding most of the surrounding lands quickly changed into a swampy bayou inhabited by the surviving Bully Wugs and the descendants of the freed Human slaves. Gradually other dangerous denizens moved into the area now known as the Accursed Bayou.

In the years since the flood mages and clerics have tried to determine what caused the destruction of Margatubast City without success. Rumours have grown of the hidden wealth and great magic that must have been within this reclusive city. Some have sought to reach the city so that they can loot it by land and sea. Most have not returned with none who have returned having reached the city itself.

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