Lands of Warlderia

Marta Taurë (Fey Woods)

The border between Zinkst and the Radiant Melthurien is split by three notable features. The most obvious are the two woods, Vana Marta Taurë (beautiful fey woods) to the west and Mórea Marta Taurë (dark fey woods) to the east. The two woods almost meet so most refer to them as Marta Taurë without distinguishing between them. Both woods are dangerous to enter each in their own way and neither is claimed by Zinkst or Radiant Melthurien. These ancient woods are dominated by the fey and all leave them alone if they can help it. There has been regular contact between Radiant Melthurien and the fey of Vana Marta Taurë. In the past there used to be infrequent contact between Radiant Melthurien the fey of Mórea Marta Taurë, but this ended with the creation of the third feature and now none with any Elven blood dare enter Mórea Marta Taurë.


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