Lands of Warlderia

The Mizachi Salt Mines 

Years ago this area use to be ruled by the Elves who used human slaves to mine the salt. The mines were very dangerous and many of the slaves died in cave ins. After Kaegor’s revolt the freed slaves decided they would not continue risking their lives mining the salt. Even though they did not want to go down the mines again they were keen on gaining the profits associated with salt. The only option they saw available to them was to use captured kobolds from the war.
At this time they were not aware of all the problems associated with using kobolds as they had not had much to do with them. Although they kept a close eye on the comings and going from the mines they did not understand how quickly kobolds reproduce. While they got all the salt and ensured all the kobolds left the mine at the end of the day the kobolds outwitted them by laying eyes in the mines.

Within a few years the kobold had enough youngsters to start building their own routes to other sources of food and materials to make weapons. After 20 years the humans had learnt a bit more about kobolds and planned a cull. The kobolds got wind of this plan, but needed more time to muster their forces. A kobold leader name Mizachi stood in front of the human overseers declaring their independence and goading them. The humans were enraged and did not believe the kobolds were brave enough to stand up to them. They decided to make an example of Mizachi in front of the others before they started the cull. They tortured him trying to get him to recant his bold declaration and beg for mercy, but it failed with Mizachi defying the torturers. After hours of torture they executed him hoping this would solve their problems.

They little realised that the young hidden kobolds had used the time to arm themselves and surround the humans. As Mizachi drew his last breath they rose up and overwhelmed the guards. Most they subdued with a few being killed. They then negotiated with the human owners from a position of strength and succeeded in getting their independence without further bloodshed.
The agreement reached was that the kobolds would hand back all the captive guards and would agree that any salt they mined would be sold through the previous owners as middlemen. The area was renamed by the kobolds after their heroic leader who had given his life in the struggle. They have since built a good sized settlement while continuing to mine and sell salt. Some people worry about this unrestrained kobold settlement, but none are keen on entering the salt mines and fighting the kobolds in these dangerous small tunnels. A close watch is kept on the area with frequent patrols around the outskirts and checks made for tunnels being dug out of the area. It is hoped through these means the kobolds can be contained in the area, but many fear they will have to fight them at some point in the damp dangerous mines. 

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