Lands of Warlderia


Mortesia (supposedly now lost in another plane)

Mortesia is the home of the Necromancer Kaphlyn who rules her undead home reacting badly to any and all who bother her. She claims all the land within a half days walk of her fortress home and is happy to use her various minions to reinforce her claim. Recently an overconfident force led by Tibor Vadild, the rival and brother of Duchess Katalin, attempted to conquer Mortesia but was defeated by Kaphlyn and her undead minions. In reprisal Kaphlyn raised the thousands of humanoid dead buried outside of Harmonia and laid siege to the city. A hasty treaty was brokered between the Necromancer and the Duchy where by her lands are left well alone on pain of invasion. Only after this did the undead army break thier siege and leave.

The arrival of the Fey Lands appears to have moved Mortesia, Necromancer Kaphlyn and the undead horde to another plane of existence. All that remains is the Mort Swamp in the rough location of her undead fortress. Unsurprisingly the loss of Kaphlyn is a great relief to her neighbours who hope the departure is permanent.

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