Lands of Warlderia

The Bronsadur Folk of the Dragon Worshippers

The Bronsadur Folk live in the hills on the north western coast of the region and by far the most open of all the tribes, trading with outsiders on a regular basis. The tribes do not fight amongst themselves but do attack the Umhverfis Folk from time to time and the goblins of the woods. These tribes were once the servants and friends to Bronze Dragons and are actually fairly well educated producing mages and bards of renown as well as barbarians. They do not worship Dragons as the southern tribes do, but most used to worship either Bahamut(LG) or Aasterimian (CN) or a few Pelor, they do however revere Dragons and will try to stop any looting of known lairs. The worship of Usil and Feronia are probably most common at the present time though Laran is always well respected. Rumours abound amongst these tribes that Bronze Dragons still walk among them in human form, and so strangers are treated well if not without suspicion. In the last few years the tribes have started trading more with Kaldar especially Bandar and Dragon Watch Abbey and some have even taken service as auxiliaries in the cities armed forces. Prince Cebrian is still a young man and popular with his people and want to strengthen the ties with the Gullmana by marrying their Queens daughter. Some even think that he wants to unify the tribes to create the first Volscii kingdom under his rule.


Arpinia (Large Town), Alignment CG, Population 4800 (70% human, 15% half-breeds, 10% Elf, 5% others.) Authority Figure: - Princess Elodia (female human, bard)

Arpinia is nominally the capital of the Bronsadur Folk, but is not where the Prince lives instead he lives in a fort to the north of the town, however his sister Elodia does live in the city and commands its people. Arpinia is a hill fort surrounded by the usual embankment but has a thriving trade with the rest of the continent and some say that to the north. Inside the walls the buildings are made from a mix of stone and wood to a high standard giving the settlement a homely feel. At the centre of the town are two buildings made from stone the Palace of the Taniste and the Temple of Pelor, the location and size of these buildings shows where the power in the town resides. Since the Higher Wars ended there has been a community of Elves living in the town mixing with the Volscii and there have been some marriages between the two peoples. 


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