Lands of Warlderia

The Gullmana of the Dragon Worshippers

The Gullmana live on the plains of the north of the region and whilst not isolationist they do not welcome strangers, though they do trade with the few merchants who risk the dangers of sailing to their remote coast. Like the Bronsadur Folk they produce mages well versed in magic and they used to worship either Bahamut(LG) or Aasterimian (CN), though most now worship other gods. They also send men of great good (Paladins) into the world every few years to gain experience and knowledge of the other peoples of the world. The tribes as a whole are fairly peaceful but constant patrol their borders with the southern tribes with skilled horsemen. Unlike most of the Volscii the richer men of the Gullmana ride into battle but the main body of troops is still on foot.


Assernia (Small City), Alignment LG, Population 5500 (75% human, 10% half-bloods, 10% Dwarves, 5% others) Authority Figure: - Queen Sabina

Assernia is built in the ruins of an older greater settlement and so has no defences such as walls of embankments, the Gullmana rely on stopping their enemies from crossing the planes. At the centre of the city is the palace and Temple of Tinia Tins, both of which remain from the original city. Most of the older city is in ruins but these older buildings are being gradually converted into more modest homes for the people.There is a small port to the east of the city where merchant ships can unload their goods, which does a good trade in the winter when more of the herdsmen are in the city. 


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