Lands of Warlderia

The Raudur Manna of the Dragon Worshippers

The Raudur Manna live in the south of the area bordering the Orcs, these men are associated with the Red Dragons, who once lived in Brennenstadt and are believed to worship these Dragons and even sacrifice prisoners to persuade the Dragons to return to them. They fight continuously against the people of Brennenstadt in the hope that if they free the city their gods will return to them, but their chaotic nature means that they have never united. Ironically their proximity to Brennenstadt and the trade that this brings has made the Raudur Manna the richest of the tribes and numerically the strongest.

The people of the tribe in the last decade have started turning away from the worship of dragons and the new gods are taking hold, much to the chagrin of the Dragon priests. The main thing that keeps the people revolting against the Priests are the Dragon Guards and group of mainly men who protect the lairs and serve the Priests, these men always wear red and wear bronze masks in public. The Dragon Guards only number a couple of hundred but have a reputation for being very capable fighters and ruthless. King Koldo is outwardly a traditional leader of the tribe and respects the old ways; he has after all married the High Priestess of the Dragons. He is however known for his adaptability on the battle field and is pushing for an alliance with Brennenstadt in an attempt to unify the Volscii. Koldo has two daughters (Izar & Sarenna) and a son (Bittor), one of the daughters, Izar, was adopted when he married Rayen.


Volaterre (Large Town) Alignment:- CE, Population 4500, (95% human, 5%others) Authority Figure: Koldo (male barbarian) & Rayen (female cleric).

Volaterre is a rustic town with earth embankment as protection; the only fully stone building is the Temple of the Dragons, which stands in the centre of the town. It is the home of the High Priestess of the Dragons, Rayen, a woman in her forties who wields as much power as her husband Koldo.


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