Lands of Warlderia

The Umhverfis Folk of the Dragon Worshippers

The Umhverfis Folk live in the woods on the western borders of the lands and worship the Green Dragons who used to live in the area. They are more organised than the other southern tribes but have large numbers of goblinoids to contend with. They do however raid into the lands of Kaldar on a regular basis. Their priests, led by the High Dragon Priest Ortiz, hold ultimate power over the tribes and revere the site of any Dragons lair defending them against looters with devotion. They have only however found two lairs so far and still send groups of young men to search for more; these lairs are the home of the tribe’s religion and their seat of learning for the tribe’s mages. Only members of the inner circle are allowed to know where these lairs are and for a non-believer to find one is considered a crime punishable by death.

There is a lot of tension between those holding to the older beliefs and the younger element that has started worshipping the “new” gods. The priests of the Dragons stalk through the city making sure that the people do not blaspheme and striking down any who they consider heretics. Tthis extreme measure has kept the peace in the city but it is not sure how much longer will it work. The one god that seems to be acceptable to the old guard is Vetis whose teachings come closest to that of the worship of dragons.


Locri (Small City) Alignment: - LE, Population 6500, (95% human, 5% others) Authority Figure: - Ismael (human fighter).

Locri is the largest population centre in the Volscii lands; a massive embankment surrounds a city with several stone buildings and a massive mead hall. There is no Temple to the Dragons in Locri there is however at Temple of Vetis (Hextor), one of the largest in the area. This Temple was built with the knowledge of the first priest of Vetis to visit the city and with the blessing of the King. 


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