Lands of Warlderia

Nyanogador (Rat Dungeon)

The Nyanogador (Rat Dungeon) looks from the outside like a large well 20ft in diameter capped with an iron cover. It is known that inside the entrance are shallow steps going down into a large maze with a statue of a rat in a room in the centre. It was built by the Elves of Radiant Melthurien when their city was suffering from a plague of vermin following a poor harvest. They could not stand the thought of their beautiful city being overrun by rats and so acted in haste without forethought. They mistakenly believed the dark fey of Mórea Marta Taurë would have no issues with the Elves building a big rat trap 10 miles to the east of their woods in a location that is now just within Zinkst’s lands. They created Nyanogador and cast a spell on a rat statue mounted on a wagon in the city centre to attract the rodents. After taking the statue around their city they led the swarms of rats to Nyanogador and used some human enchanted servants to carry the statue to the centre of the dungeon. As the spell on the statue only had a limited duration they then sealed Nyanogador before the last of the rats had entered and with the servants still within the dungeon.

The plan was almost a total success with the majority of the rats being trapped and the remainder now a long way from the city. Unfortunately they had acted in too much haste and there have been consequences. Firstly the dark fey of Mórea Marta Taurë objected to thousands of rats being let loose near their woods and that they had not been consulted on the location. Secondly it appears that one of the servants had hidden their magical talents from the Elves. When a couple of years later they sent some human servants to clear out the dungeon of the rat corpses so it would be free to use again if needed they got a surprise. When the cap was lifted the servants were killed by a swarm of rats, some live and others undead skeleton rats. They managed to seal the dungeon again, but occasionally a swarm of rats with some skeletal rats appear in the area. Where exactly or how they get out none have discovered yet. Both Zinkst and Radiant Melthurien co-operate whenever there is an outbreak and keep a watch on the area.


Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth ( used under General Public License

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