Lands of Warlderia

Old/True Empire Geography

True Kaegoria (Gleaming Tovaj/Paramanian)

A site of a great Elven city that was sacked by man and rebuilt.

Gleaming Tovaj was a beautiful garden city that spread across both banks of the River Palas. It had a sizeable population of Halflings and gnomes along with numerous human guest servants. The premiere Elven port of the east in was home to a sizeable fleet of merchant and war ships.

The docks and harbour was sacked by Pamarian and then later destroyed by Man after the Tear from Heaven poisoned the land. Only years later when the winds and rains had cleansed the ground was it rebuilt as Pamarian. After the establishment of the True Empire and the split with the West, it was renamed True Kaegoria.


This was the landing point for the armies if Man when they came to the East. Commissioned by Kaegor himself, the grim fortress of Tervingard guards the straits of Hope. Built by Uhderecht of Plavanth, once apprentice to Dwarven masters, it is a formidable castle. It has two harbours, one on each coast, and quarters for a large army of defenders. Ruled by the Men of War with support from the Priests of Hextor, it is a militarised place. Noticeably there is a small temple to Xerbo, god of the Sea, Sailing, Money, and Business and another to Kurell, there is no love lost between the two. The Clergy of Bralm are present providing the support for the large garrison and naval forces.

War Abbey

This is the great cathedral and centre of the worship of Hextor. His elite follower clerics and fighters rain her for one purpose only. No other faith may be worshipped and the teachings of the Scourge of Battle are studied and obeyed.


This is a garrison border town charge with defending the north from Orcs, Elves and Dwarves. It is home to the Warders of Vigilance who were once a great order that has dwindled in prestige and size over the years. Made up of rangers, fighters and scouts they patrol to lands north in to Lemuria. Dedicated to the old lore and the nature god Obad-Hai, they are out of favour in the Old Empire. In the last decade a regiment of Men of War has been assigned to help garrison Udrakadesh but they never leave the settlement. The Wardens range from coast to coast through forest, mountain and vale.


Polymera was once a Dwarven trade town now a fortified border post. Solid and practical it is garrisoned by Men of War and merchants as the trade centre for Dwarves, Wood Elves and Successor Stare traders. It hosts a large temple to Kurell and an equally large guild house.


Tamaril is a pleasant coastal town on the southern coast. It is neat orderly town laid out settlement with a spacious squares and even fountains. It has a broad harbour and market place. It has a fishing fleet and a wide belt of agricultural land around it. It was founded by Duke Leo was of house Salrathian, in the early days of the settlement of the region. His descendants still rule Tamaril to this day and are heavily involved with the Old Nobility. The Salrathian’s rule with a paternal care for the populace and take their responsibilities as patrons seriously. Lawful and ordered it is a peaceful place for those that conform.


Bowden was once the site of a great Elven forest till it was razed by Paramanian. Now a trade town dominated by merchants of Kurell where the Arcane Order of Thaumaturgists, Men of War and Smiths of Starfall all bicker and trade for Starfall items. A rough and ready town with a high, unreported, crime rate for those without influence, position or protection.


When the gods saw the barbarity of Man they wept and a tear fell from the heavens and crashed down upon the land.” Anonymous Elf

This is the site of the magical meteor that crashed in to earth devastating the area. Within its crater the Starfall ore was found and crafted by the gifted Smiths of Starfall. The site was fought over by expeditions of Orcs, Dwarves and Gnolls but none held it in the end. The Starfall ore is similar to mithirl save it glows red and is harder to forge. It also does not interfere with the lower Arcane magics making it popular with the Arcane Order of Thaumaturgists as well as the Men of War and Priests of Hextor who desire magic weapons and armour.

Only the Smiths may enter Starfall with all trade taking place at Bowden.


Easternway is an east coast town beyond the Algarvan Hills. It is home to the State Orphanage and a modest temple to the sun god Pelor. It is run by a town council and is famed as being a dull, unfashionable place. Street urchins and orphans are sent here from across the Old Empire to be educated and reformed in the orphanage. In the Old Kaegorian Empire these orphanages were common but this is the last one in the East.

There are also therapeutic springs that come down from the hills which have a reputed medicinal quality. Next to the spa is the Pelor Temple with its hospital. Probably because of its mundane reputation, Easternway is ignored by much of the ruling Cabal. It has too many poor and ill people to be of interest.

Full Map of the Lands of Warlderia (V:3.6)

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