Lands of Warlderia


The Head of the Empire is the True Emperor Kaegor XIX who rules from his vaulted throne room within the Place of Kaegor at True Kaegoria.

He is a direct, male descendant of the first True emperor who himself was the Governor of the province at the founding of the ‘heretical’ Divine Empire.

True power does not rest with him. Though lauded and respected his is a figure head that masks the murky power broking that goes on behind the throne. A cabal of vying interest rules the Old Empire.

1. The Men of War (Army)

2. The Priests of Hextor

3. The Clergy of Bralm

4. The Arcane Order of Thaumaturgists

5. The Smiths of Starfall

6. The Old Nobility

7. Worshippers of Kurell & Merchants

The factions stay in power because they have the strength to and for no other reason.

The casting of Arcane Magic is strongly regulated within the Old Empire. All practitioners must be registered and approved by the self-governing body, The Arcane Order of Thaumaturgists. None may cast magics without their approval for the land itself was nearly destroyed by the callous casting of the Elven Sage-Wizard Mav Id’Erian. A renegade wizard or sorcerer is a dangerous thing in the Old Empire and if caught is treated severely. The traditional punishment is to be draped in iron chains, weighed down and then cast in to the sea.

The Old Nobility still control large tracts of land and are also heavily involved in other aspects of society such as the military and clergy. Fiercely conservative they oppose those that would change the empire and constantly clash with the merchants and traders. Interbreeding can be a problem as ‘pure’ bloodlines repeatedly inter marry.

When Man came to explore the crater of the ‘Tear from Heaven’ they found strange ores and minerals within it. Most potent of all was an ore very similar to Mithril, save it was a burnt red colour and glowed with a dark light. This ‘Starfall’ alloy made fine strong weapons and superior armour but was hard to craft. Thus the Smiths of Starfall came in to being, craftsmen dedicated to blending this new ore, obsessed with keeping their art secret and to control the supply of the valuable resource.

Before the division with the other treacherous parts of the Kaegorian Empire, the people of the region worshipped very similar gods and goddesses. Since then the envy and bitterness has driven them down dark paths. One such is the worship of Kurrell, the god of Jealousy, Revenge, and Thievery. Merchants and traders follow this god’s selfish business practices while thieves and assassins follow his lust for revenge and self-interest. Due to the unorganized nature of the cult it has influence but not enough power to take power.

Vulgar and self made men, the Clergy of Bralm are not loved by all but are an important part of the fabric of society. They get things done and organise the jobs that no one wants to do but need doing. They build and maintain the roads, dredge the rivers and even supply the slave miners for Starfall. Rivals to Kurrell, they are needed but not loved.

Paramount with the Old Empire are the Men of War. The Army is the defender and soul of the Empire. Without it there would be no heirs to Kaegor as the land would be overrun by heretics, spies, orcs, dwarves and so on and so on. The Army gets the lion share of taxes and resources. Within the Army are licensed war wizards, sons of nobility and war priests of Hextor. The Army is fed by Bralm quartermasters and wields Starfall weapons. Early all the factions have an interest in the Army and it knows so.

The Empire is militarised and a warlike state needs a war like god. The ruthlessness of its warriors is reflected in its choice of deity, Hextor god of war, discord, massacres, conflict, fitness, and tyranny. He instils drive and energy in to the Old Empire but at a great moral cost. Hextor teaches that the world is a harsh, unforgiving place. The strong rule the weak, and power is the only reward worth having. Cruelty and mercilessness are necessary tools, “Mercy is for the weak”.

Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth ( used under General Public License

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