Lands of Warlderia

The Military of the Old Empire

The Army of the Empire consists of professional, Men of War, Religious Regiments, Hextorites and Feudal part-time soldiers.

The leaders of the Men of War swear a blood oath of loyalty to the Kaegorian Empire and each other. Between the age of 7 and 9 children will leave their family homes and join one of the Junior Barracks where they receive an education and activities focused on general literacy and numeracy along with physical strength and endurance. This education is paid for by the family or sponsor. Exceptional applicants may be accepted without a fee but this is not very common. The regime of the Junior Barracks is tough and disciplined but not overly harsh. Students are well fed and cared for to aid their development. Assuming they do not fail or drop out they will progress on the next stage.

At puberty the ‘would be’ Men of War applies for the War Barracks. Assuming they are accepted their education focuses much more on skill at arms and combat. It is hard and intense training but not exclusively relating, to war. The top performing, or best contacted, would be trained for command. All must pass a final, potentially, fatal test. Graduates would be posted to a regiment within the Army depending on performance and influence.

There are several prestigious regiments within the Men of War. The Kaegorian Guard, are charged with the safety of the True Emperor. The True Legion is a heavy assault unit equipped with the best arms and armour available. The Knights of Kaegor are a premiere cavalry unit made up of veteran warriors.

In parallel to the Men of War Barracks are the smaller Halls of Hextor, they serve a more brutal and ecumenical upbringing. Based at War Abbey they provide a highly motivated and ecumenically supported fighting force. Graduates from the Halls of Hextor will serve as a guard or soldier for the scourge of battle. Only the best and most brutal of worshippers may go on to join the elite Fists of Hextor. Arguably the most effective fighting unit in the Lands of Warlderia, the Fists will literally prefer to face death rather than the dishonour of defeat.

Last and by far the most numerous of Old Empire troops are the feudal units. They are raised by the nobles and great land owners. Many of the officers are retired Men of War who have done their ten years and been discharged with honour. They range in competence from full time household troops to shambolic militias. They also tend to make better garrison troops and have more widely skilled members.

The Navy

The Empire’s naval forces are ad hoc and limited in size. There is a strong squadron at Tervingard and True Kaegoria with some fine war galleys in each but beyond that it is small in size and rarely deployed beyond coastal waters.

Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth ( used under General Public License 

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