Lands of Warlderia

Rastilius Folly 

Rastilius was a half-Elven mage who wanted to explore the world from the comfort of his home. As many an eccentric mage has before and since he came up with an impractical plan. He created a large levitating platform and had a two story mansion built on top of it.

Rastilius then got four teams of six oxen with handlers to pull the mansion wherever he wanted to explore. If it was ever threatened the oxen would be brought onto to platform and he would raise it out of reach of the threat. Any aerial threats he drove off with his magic. Rastilius journeyed in this manner for five years covering a lot of the world. Many marvelled at this wonder and several mages started building their own versions of the mansion. Then one fateful day the folly of this idea was seen when the mansion was threaten from air and ground at the same time.

It was a windy day and in the confusion of the moment Rastilius did not notice or correct the slant of the mansion as it raised up into the air. When Rastilius killed the aerial attacker it crashed into the edge of the mansion. Thus tipped it enough for a gust of wind to catch it and flip it. It landed with a crash upside down. Although Rastilius survived his guests and servants all died. With sorrow in his heart he sealed the house with his possessions in and left it never to return.

To this day the mansion rests upside down with hidden treasures inside as a permanent reminder of his folly. 

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