Lands of Warlderia

Edhel-Duntolas & Resplendent Dunostia as the Elves know her

It is almost a thousand years since the Higher Races came to Warlderia from the Other Place. Much has been lost and more forgotten in the events which have shaped the world since then. What is certain is that Elves came to the Western Isles first and then spread their wisdom and culture beyond it.

At the heart of main isle lies Eskarie, the home of the crown, were the very first elf set foot upon the new lands. Unknowst to the humans this occurred a full five hundred years before the official coming of the Higher Races. The Isle was uninhabited and a thriving Elven culture established over the centuries, though why no one really knows or cares to say. It was then that Nierme petitioned for the expansion of Elven culture as signs of the other Higher Races could be seen amongst the savage human tribes. Her eloquence and appeal for pity won the day and the Elves set forth to civilise Warlderia.  

The more conservative Elves remained behind on their Isle content to leave the taming of a world to their more daring cousins. For six hundred years the western Elves lived a peaceful and quiet life separate from the humans and other races. The Isle had a seat of the Grand Senate but rarely interfered in other Elven realms affairs and never in the dealing of the lesser races.

During this period the worship of Labelas Enoreth was the predominant one upon the Isle where philosophy and the pursuit of knowledge were highly respected. Sadly the Higher Wars changed the Isle as much as mainland Warlderia but not as obviously. The Western Elves initially remained aloof from the wars but sadly the wars did not remain shy of them. Only the warrior cult of Vandria Gilmadrith saved the Western Isles from human conquest with their victory at, what is now, the town of Aria.

Over the years Elven refugees made their way to the Isles where they received permission to settle according to their perceived station. The original pureblood noble Elves have populated much of the Isles with these settlers that live under their benign guidance and protection.

Edhel-Duntolas is a rarity amongst Elves in that it is a structured and hierarchical society of a definite lawful alignment. No humans or half-bloods are allowed on the Isles apart from in designated parts of Resplendent Dunostia where ‘Ettelen’, foreigners may reside. Outside of these areas no human or half-blood is allowed nor, according to legend, has ever set foot. 

The ruler of Edhel-Duntolas is the Senator who is elected from the ruling houses of purebloods to represent the Isles at the defunct Grand Elven Senate. In many ways a figure head the Senator is advised by the Istyar, scholar, Mahtar, warrior, and Istar, the wizard. Directly blow the Senator is the High Seneschal who deals with mundane matters like administering Edhel-Duntolas.

There are seven extended pureblood families that rule their own private estates across the Isles. They are supported by other elves that effectively run the Isle for the houses with their permission. Purebloods are raised in isolation but well educated and taught both arcane and martial arts.

Resplendent Dunostia is free municipality where merchants and traders dwell and is a cosmopolitan racial centre. Elven artisans trade for materials from the mainland while the major import is lavender amongst the purebloods. Parts of the Isle are deserted and overgrown where fey creatures dwell, especially of the western coast.

The Isles is defended by the ever vigilant squadron of warships and then by the Senatorial Guard who guard the shores. In times of emergency the Senator may call upon each house for warriors and wizards.

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