Reynardine the Sly

An obscure figure from sylvan folklore known of only by the most knowledgeable of human bards and religious scholars. There are no scriptures or holy texts relating to Reynardine and his alleged origins are numerous and contradictory. It is likely that he was once mortal and either an elf or a human aligned with the woodland pantheon. He was either cursed or blessed with immortality after an encounter with the elven goddess Hanali Celanil where his rakish ways either charmed or offended her. Since then he has carried out numerous alleged heroic acts of great cunning, guile and skill which have boosted his stature.

He is rumoured to have a lack of respect for authority wrapped in a charming layer of glib. He despises hierarchies and those who would force their will on others but is also aware of his lower status as a quasi-deity and never directly challenges other stronger gods and goddesses. He is also superstitious and shies away from those he views as fated for greatness believing greater gods guide their stars.

He is both paradoxically his own man and a servant of Hanali Celanil at the same time reflecting the conflicting duality of his nature. Reynardine can be exceedingly generous keen to give his treats to mortals though he has often acquired them from those who have hurt others in the past. He can also be petty and spiteful to those he thinks are cruel and deserving of a comeuppance.

Reynardine appears as a young adolescent youth with fair features and golden eyes or in the form of a silver fox. His true appearance is said to be of an ancient elf or a fox like humanoid, no one is really sure. He can appear and disappear with the slightest of breezes and turns invisible at will. He can grant wishes but they are fickle ones doomed to be twisted if used for evil or oppression but successful if for good or humorous intent. He commands a swarm of multi-coloured metallic insects that he nefariously acquired from the devil baztt’t that he uses for show. Though the swarm are capable of great destruction Reynardine has never done so.

D&D3.5 Game Stats (as known)

Reynardine the Sly – Demi-god, symbol –Silver fox amulet, Alignment – Chaotic (Good?), Domains – Travel, Chaos and Trickery.

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