Lands of Warlderia

Richterstall’s Kennels

Following the Higher Wars the Dwarves in the Towers of Moradin had problems with Orc raiders crossing the valley and sneaking through the nearby woods. They studied the possible approaches and hit on a tactic they had faced when fighting the Wood Elves. The Wood Elves had used specially bred hunting hounds as scouts allowing them to concentrate their forces and respond quickly to any raiding parties. The Richterstall family was assigned the task of finding appropriate beasts to breed hunting animals from.

The Richterstall’s built a small fort in the plains with extensive kennel facilities. They then attempted to buy and capture suitable hounds or beasts to breed from. Their approaches to the Wood Elves were rebuffed so they were forced to go down less reputable routes. Over the next fifty years they used a number of natural and summoned creatures to breed a selection of hunting creatures. Having finally got some breeding stock they built a number of watchtowers down the valley and supplied them with hunting creatures. These quickly proved their worth in reducing the number of Orcish raids that successfully got across the valley.

After Kaegor’s revolt they saw the need to make themselves useful and quickly added a business service to their kennels. They are now known as the premier supplier of guard and hunting dogs, although the term dog is a very loose term. A certificated Richterstall Hound fetches a small fortune on any market. The family and their hounds still protect the valley from Orcish raider while making a significant income from their business.

The Richterstall kennels have continued mixing bloodlines to try for quicker, stronger and deadlier hunters. The rumours are that they have no morals with the breeding program and have happily introduced infernal blood into some of the many breeds they have created. They always seem to have a hound ready that is able fulfil any customers requirements. There are suspicions that they use some means of divination to know what will be required beforehand.


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