Lands of Warlderia


Official Name: The Free Haven of Spadoria
Ruler: The Council of Captains 
Government:         None
Capital: Spadoria
Major Towns: None
Resources: Trade, Slaves & Loot
Population: 75,000 (60% Human, 40% Mixed)
Languages:  Common
Common Alignments:

Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil

Major Religions: None
Allies: None

The City of Spadoria sits on the coast of Eastern Aeldaria above the entrance to the Neck, from the seaward side all that anyone can see is a cliff face with a jagged rift in it and two towers overlooking the rift. However once past the cliffs the ground falls steeply down to a large lagoon surrounded by the city and dozens of wharfs and canals leading deeper into the city. To the landward side of the city there are no walls and the sparse farmland soon ends with the edge of the Dark Forrest, a wall of trees which tower over the farmland. The cliffs themselves are honeycombed with tunnels and caves which over the years have been worked so that whole communities now live in relative comfort with windows looking out over the sea. These underground homes are inhabited by the poorer members of the city and the few drow who live in the city.

The City was once the home of the elven fleet and the main meeting place for elves, drow and goblins but when Kaegoria revolted the fleet sailed never to return and the goblins became enemies. The city has only been taken once and it was one of Kaegoria's generals who managed to march his troops through the Dark Forrest and storm the city. The army lost almost half of its strength to the goblins, drow and monsters of the forrest and so when they did take the city the slaughter was horrific and the survivors were all enslaved.

The first Count of Spadoria was General Banislan who conquered the city but on his death the officers who were now acting as the cities noble rebelled against Banislan's son and took over the city. However they could not agree on who was to take command and civil war broke out with each fortifying their part of the city, leaving most of the population living in the battle ground between. These nobles soon found that they could gain no ground against their enemies and resorted to stopping anyone else gaining control. Thirty years ago a pirate know as Bane landed with his 3 ships and suddenly attacked one of the nobles, he was successful and soon other outlaws and pirates were attracted to the city which is now home to some of the worst outlaws and pirates in Aeldaria. These captains and the remaining nobles eventually came to an agreement and formed the Council of Captains to mediate any minor disputes and supply men for the city guard, but the city is now a lawless place with a reputation for boisterous night life and the most varied population in Aeldaria.

Dark Forest

Outside the city proper is the Dark Forest which has such a dense canopy that very little light gets through, making it an ideal place for goblins and other nocturnal monsters to live. Added to this it is one of the places in Aeldaria where the underdark is closest to the surface, so drow frequently raid onto the surface and are even rumoured to have settlements in the denser parts of the forest. The forest was controlled by the drow in the times before the Elder Wars and is supposed to be littered with towers and underground complexes all filled with treasures from the Elder times.

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